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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 7°29'N 6°13'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VCC Limbe, South-West, CM (314 mi / 506 km SE)
DNBA BCU Bauchi (Durum) [Bauchi State Intl (Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport)], Bauchi, NG (317 mi / 510 km NE)
FKKC TKC Tiko [Tiko Airport], South-West, CM (318 mi / 512 km SE)
DNGU QUS Gusau [Gusau Airstrip], Zamfara, NG (324 mi / 521 km N)
DXTA Tabligbo, Maritime, TG (330 mi / 531 km W)
FKKM FOM Foumban (Koutaba) [Foumban Nkounja Airport (Koutaba Airport)], West, CM (336 mi / 541 km E)
DBBK KDC Kandi (Kandifo) [Kandi Airport], Alibori, BJ (337 mi / 542 km NW)
DXHO Hahatoe (Hahotoe), Maritime, TG (339 mi / 545 km W)
DXKP Anié [Kolokopé Airport], Plateaux, TG (339 mi / 545 km W)
FKKD DLA Douala [Intl], Littoral, CM (339 mi / 546 km SE)
DXAK Atakpamé [Akpaka Airport], Plateaux, TG (344 mi / 554 km W)
DBBD DJA Djougou [Djougou Airport], Donga, BJ (348 mi / 560 km NW)
DNKN KAN Kano [Mallam Aminu Kano Intl], Kano, NG (351 mi / 565 km NE)
DXXX LFW Lomé [Gnassingbé Eyadéma Intl (Lomé-Tokoin Airport)], Maritime, TG (353 mi / 568 km W)
DRRG Gaya [Gaya Airport], NE (357 mi / 575 km NW)
DNJA Jalingo [Jalingo Airport], Taraba, NG (361 mi / 580 km E)
FK07 Magba [Magba Airport], West, CM (361 mi / 581 km E)
DXSK Sokodé [Sokodé Airport], Centrale, TG (362 mi / 582 km W)
FK04 Dizangue [Dizangue Airport], Littoral, CM (366 mi / 588 km SE)
DNBK Birmin Kebbi [Birmin Kebbi Intl (Sir Ahmadu Bello Intl)], Kebbi, NG (366 mi / 588 km N)

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