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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 7°29'N 6°13'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DNCA CBQ Calabar [Margaret Ekpo Intl], Cross River, NG (226 mi / 364 km SE)
DNEK DN55 Eket [Eket Airstrip], Akwa Ibom, NG (229 mi / 368 km SE)
DN53 Kaduna [Kaduna Old], Kaduna, NG (230 mi / 370 km N)
DNKA KAD Kaduna [Kaduna Airport], Kaduna, NG (233 mi / 375 km N)
DNJO JOS Jos [Yakubu Gowon Airport], Plateau, NG (234 mi / 377 km NE)
FKKF MMF Mamfe [Mamfe Airport], South-West, CM (245 mi / 394 km SE)
DBBS SVF Savé [Savé Airport], Collines, BJ (260 mi / 418 km W)
FK14 Nguti [Nguti Airport], South-West, CM (265 mi / 426 km SE)
DNZA ZAR Zaria [Zaria Airport], Kaduna, NG (270 mi / 434 km N)
DBBB COO Cotonou [Cardinal Bernardin Gantin Intl (Cadjehoun Airport)], Littoral, BJ (274 mi / 441 km W)
DBBP PKO Parakou [Parakou Airport], Borgou, BJ (278 mi / 448 km NW)
FKKG BLC Bali [Bali Airport], North-West, CM (284 mi / 457 km E)
FKKV BPC Bamenda [Bamenda Airport], North-West, CM (286 mi / 460 km E)
DBBC Bohicon [Cana Airport], Zou, BJ (287 mi / 462 km W)
FKKS DSC Dschang [Dschang Airport], West, CM (299 mi / 482 km SE)
DBBR Bembčrčkč [Bembčrčkč Airport], Borgou, BJ (308 mi / 495 km NW)
FGSL SSG Malabo [Intl], Bioko Island, Bioko Norte, GQ (308 mi / 496 km SE)
FKAN NKS Nkongsamba, Littoral, CM (309 mi / 498 km SE)
(DNBA) (BCU) Bauchi [Bauchi Airport], Bauchi, NG (313 mi / 503 km NE)
FKKU BFX Bafoussem [Bafoussem Airport], West, CM (314 mi / 506 km SE)

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