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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 6237'01"N 15337'32"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
9AA1 Palmer [Elk Ranch Airport], Alaska, US (155 mi / 249 km SE)
AA06 Anchorage [Sixmile Lake Airport], Alaska, US (155 mi / 249 km SE)
59AK Wasilla [Penderosa Airport], Alaska, US (155 mi / 249 km SE)
4AK2 Wasilla [St. John Homestead Airport], Alaska, US (155 mi / 249 km SE)
3K9 Wasilla [Upper Wasilla Lake SPB], Alaska, US (155 mi / 249 km SE)
PANC ANC ANC Anchorage [Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl], Alaska, US (155 mi / 249 km SE)
PALH LHD Anchorage [Lake Hood SPB], Alaska, US (155 mi / 250 km SE)
AK65 Wasilla [Green's Strip], Alaska, US (156 mi / 250 km SE)
87AK Wasilla [Soloy Strip], Alaska, US (156 mi / 250 km SE)
16AK Wasilla [Gattis Strip], Alaska, US (156 mi / 250 km SE)
99AA Anchorage [Aviator Hotel Anchorage Heliport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 251 km SE)
0AK1 Wasilla [Anderson Lake Airport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 251 km SE)
AK93 Palmer [Grouse Ridge Airport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 251 km SE)
4AK6 Palmer [Wolf Lake Airport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 251 km SE)
97AK Palmer [High Ridge Association Airport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 251 km SE)
65AK Wasilla [McDonald Ridge Airport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 252 km SE)
PAED EDF EDF Anchorage [Elmendorf AFB], Alaska, US (156 mi / 252 km SE)
84AK Wasilla [T-Time Heliport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 252 km SE)
AK54 Wasilla [Stro's Airport], Alaska, US (156 mi / 252 km SE)
PATW TTW Cantwell, Alaska, US (156 mi / 252 km E)

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