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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 654'N 1000'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DNPO PHC Port Harcourt (Omagwa) [Port Harcourt Intl], Rivers, NG (247 mi / 397 km SW)
DNBA BCU Bauchi (Durum) [Bauchi State Intl (Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Airport)], Bauchi, NG (247 mi / 397 km N)
PHG Port Harcourt [Port Harcourt NAF Base (Port Harcourt City Airport)], Rivers, NG (249 mi / 400 km SW)
FK01 Akonolinga [Akonolinga Airport], Centre, CM (265 mi / 426 km SE)
FKKB KBI Kribi [Kribi Airport], South, CM (277 mi / 445 km S)
FKKR GOU Garoua [Intl], North, CM (285 mi / 459 km NE)
FKKW EBW Ebolowa [Ebolowa Airport], South, CM (288 mi / 464 km S)
DN54 Bajoga [Bajoga Northeast], Gombe, NG (295 mi / 474 km N)
FK03 Dimako [Dimako Airport], East, CM (297 mi / 478 km SE)
FKAO Betare Oya [Betare Oya Airport], East, CM (298 mi / 479 km E)
FKAG Abong M'bang, East, CM (299 mi / 481 km SE)
DN50 Shiroro, Niger, NG (299 mi / 481 km NW)
FKAM Meiganga, Adamaoua, CM (301 mi / 484 km E)
DNSU QRW Warri (Osubi) [Warri Airport (Osubi Airstrip)], Delta, NG (301 mi / 485 km W)
FKKO BTA Bertoua [Bertoua Airport], East, CM (303 mi / 488 km SE)
FK15 Sangmelima [Sangmelima Airport], South, CM (305 mi / 491 km SE)
DNBE BNI Benin City [Benin Airport], Edo, NG (305 mi / 491 km W)
DNMN MXJ Minna [Minna Airport], Niger, NG (307 mi / 494 km NW)
DN53 Kaduna [Kaduna Old], Kaduna, NG (308 mi / 496 km NW)
DNBI Bida [Bida Airstrip], Niger, NG (312 mi / 502 km NW)

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