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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 6°54'N 10°00'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FKKD DLA Douala [Intl], Littoral, CM (200 mi / 322 km S)
DNJO JOS Jos [Yakubu Gowon Airport], Plateau, NG (204 mi / 328 km N)
VCC Limbe, South-West, CM (206 mi / 331 km S)
DNEK DN55 Eket [Eket Airstrip], Akwa Ibom, NG (210 mi / 338 km SW)
FK04 Dizangue [Dizangue Airport], Littoral, CM (216 mi / 348 km S)
DNIM QOW Owerri [Sam Mbakwe Airport (Imo Start Airport)], Imo, NG (217 mi / 350 km SW)
FK09 M'Bandjock [M'Bandjock Airport], Centre, CM (218 mi / 350 km SE)
FK12 Nanga-Eboko [Nanga-Eboko Airport], Centre, CM (223 mi / 359 km SE)
FKKE Eseka [Eseka Airport], Centre, CM (230 mi / 370 km S)
DNYO YOL Yola [Yola Airport], Adamawa, NG (232 mi / 374 km NE)
(DNBA) (BCU) Bauchi [Bauchi Airport], Bauchi, NG (233 mi / 376 km N)
FGSL SSG Malabo [Intl], Bioko Island, Bioko Norte, GQ (234 mi / 376 km S)
DNAS ABB Asaba [Intl], Delta, NG (234 mi / 377 km W)
FK13 Ngaoundal [Bagodo Airport], Adamaoua, CM (235 mi / 378 km E)
FKKY YAO Yaoundé [Ville Airport], Centre, CM (235 mi / 379 km SE)
DNAA ABV Abuja [Nnamdi Azikiwe Intl], Abuja Federal Capital Territory, NG (237 mi / 381 km NW)
DNGO GMO Gombe (Lawanti) [Gombe Lawanti Intl], Gombe, NG (241 mi / 389 km N)
FKYS NSI Yaoundé [Yaoundé Nsimalen Intl], Centre, CM (243 mi / 391 km SE)
DN51 Ajaokuta, Kogi, NG (246 mi / 396 km W)
FKKN NGE N'Gaoundéré [N'Gaoundéré Airport (Ngaoundéré Airport)], Adamaoua, CM (246 mi / 396 km E)

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