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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 655'N 15815'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NGBR BEZ Beru, Gilbert Islands, KI (1866 mi / 3002 km W)
NTGA AAA Anaa, PF (1882 mi / 3028 km SE)
NGFU FUN Funafuti Atoll [Intl], TV (1883 mi / 3030 km SW)
NGTM TMN Tamana Island, Gilbert Islands, KI (1893 mi / 3047 km W)
NFTP NTT Niuatoputapu [Kuini Lavenia (Queen Lavinia)], Niuafo'ou Island, TO (1898 mi / 3055 km SW)
NTGM MKP Makemo, PF (1899 mi / 3056 km SE)
NGON OOT Onotoa, Gilbert Islands, KI (1907 mi / 3069 km W)
NTKM TJN Takume (Ohomo) [Takume Airport], PF (1910 mi / 3073 km SE)
NTKO RRR Raroia (Garumaoa) [Raroia Airpor], PF (1912 mi / 3077 km SE)
PMDY MDY MDY Sand Island [Henderson Field], Midway Atoll, UM (1926 mi / 3100 km NW)
NGTS TSU Tabiteuea South, Gilbert Islands, KI (1930 mi / 3106 km W)
NCRG RAR Avarua [Rarotonga Intl], Rarotonga Island, CK (1936 mi / 3115 km S)
NGTE TBF Tabiteuea North (Bown), Gilbert Islands, KI (1944 mi / 3129 km W)
NFTO NFO Angaha [Mata'aho], Niuafo'ou, TO (1951 mi / 3140 km SW)
NGTO NON Nonouti, Gilbert Islands, KI (1956 mi / 3148 km W)
NIUE IUE Alofi [Niue Intl (Haan Intl)], Niue Island, NU (1956 mi / 3148 km SW)
NTGB FGU Fangatau, PF (1964 mi / 3160 km SE)
NGFO Nanumea, TV (1970 mi / 3170 km SW)
(PM64) Green Island, Kure Atoll, Hawaii, US (1975 mi / 3178 km NW)
GC0038 Green Island, Kure Atoll, Hawaii, US (Code changed to PM64.OLD)

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