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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 655'N 15815'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NCPY PYE Penrhyn Island (Tongareva, Te Pitaka, Hararanga), CK (1094 mi / 1761 km S)
PCIS CIS Kanton Island (Canton Island, Abariringa Island) [Canton Island Airport], Phoenix Islands, KI (1143 mi / 1840 km SW)
NCRK Rakahanga Atoll, CK (1180 mi / 1898 km S)
NCMH MHX Manihiki Island (Manuhiki, Tapuahua, Humphrey Island), CK (1203 mi / 1937 km S)
PHHF HFS Tern Island [French Frigate Shoals Airport], Hawaii, US (1282 mi / 2063 km NW)
NCPK Pukapuka Island (Te Ulu-o-te-Watu, Danger Island), CK (1329 mi / 2140 km SW)
(PBAR) (BAR) Baker Island, UM (1340 mi / 2156 km W)
NCNS Nassau, CK (1361 mi / 2191 km S)
NCSW Suwarrow, CK (1425 mi / 2293 km S)
PMNM Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument [Papahanaumokuakea Marine NM], Hawaii, US (1569 mi / 2525 km NW)
RANM Rose Atoll Marine National Monument [Rose Atoll Marine NM], American Samoa, US (1624 mi / 2613 km SW)
NTGV MVT Mataiva, PF (1634 mi / 2629 km SE)
NSFQ FTI FAQ Fitiuta Village, AS (1642 mi / 2643 km SW)
TAV HI36 Tau Village [Tau Airport], AS (1646 mi / 2649 km SW)
NTMD NHV Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, PF (1646 mi / 2649 km SE)
NSAS OFU Z08 Ofu Village, AS (1648 mi / 2653 km SW)
NTTP MAU Maupiti, Society Islands, PF (1656 mi / 2665 km S)
NTGC TIH Tikehau Atoll, PF (1663 mi / 2676 km SE)
NTTB BOB Bora Bora [Motu Mute], Society Islands, PF (1666 mi / 2681 km S)
NTTG RGI Rangiroa, Tuamotu Islands, PF (1669 mi / 2687 km SE)

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