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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 655'N 15811'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PTPN PNI PNI Pohnpei (Ponape) [Pohnpei Intl], Pohnpei, FM (5 mi / 8 km N)
GC0095 Sapwuahfik Atoll (Ngatik Island, Raven Islands) [Sapwuahfik Civil Airfield], Pohnpei, FM (105 mi / 168 km SW)
GC0092 Mwoakilloa Atoll (Kahlap Island) [Mwoakilloa Civil Airfield], Pohnpei, FM (110 mi / 176 km E)
GC0094 Pingelap Atoll [Pingelap Civil Airfield], Pohnpei, FM (180 mi / 290 km E)
GC0091 Ta Island [Mortlock Islands Civil Airfield], Satawan Atoll, FM (327 mi / 526 km W)
PTSA KSA TTK Kosrae Island [Kosrae Airport], Kosrae, FM (345 mi / 556 km E)
PKMA ENT Enewetak (Eniwetok) [Enewetak Aux AF], Enewetak Island, MH (415 mi / 668 km NE)
PTKK TKK TKK Weno Island [Chuuk Intl (Truk Intl)], Chuuk, FM (437 mi / 703 km W)
UJAP UJE Ujae Atoll (Ujae Island), MH (537 mi / 865 km E)
LML Lae Island, MH (571 mi / 918 km E)
WTO Wotho Island, MH (580 mi / 933 km NE)
GC0093 Onoun Island (Ulul) [Onoun Civil Airfield], Namonuito Atoll, Chuuk, FM (593 mi / 955 km W)
BII Bikini Atoll [Enyu Airfield], MH (595 mi / 958 km NE)
GC0090 Houk Island (Pulusuk) [Houk Civil Airfield], Chuuk, FM (610 mi / 982 km W)
EBN Ebadon [Ebadon Airstrip], Kwajalein Atoll, MH (614 mi / 988 km E)
EAL Elenak [Elenak Airport], Kwajalein Atoll, MH (616 mi / 991 km E)
PKRO ROI Roi-Namur [Freeflight Intl (Dyess AAF)], Kwajalein Atoll, MH (658 mi / 1060 km E)
RNP Rongelap Island, MH (662 mi / 1065 km NE)
PKWA KWA KWA Kwajalein Atoll [Bucholz AAF Airport (Kwajalein KMR, Kwajalein Missile Range)], MH (666 mi / 1072 km E)
MJE Majkin, MH (688 mi / 1107 km E)

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