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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 654'43"N 7951'03"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
BYV Colombo [Beira Lake SPB], Western Province, LK (1 mi / 2 km N)
DWO Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Kotte, Colombo) [Diyawanna Oya Waterdrome (Waters Edge Waterdrome)], Western Province, LK (4 mi / 7 km E)
KEZ Colombo (Peliyagoda) [Kelani River-Peliyagoda Waterdrome (Sri Lankan Waterdrome)], Western Province, LK (4 mi / 7 km NE)
VCCC RML Colombo [Ratmalana Airport], Western Province, LK (7 mi / 11 km S)
DGM Colombo (Seeduwa) [Dandugama Waterdrome (Dandugam Oya Waterdrome)], Western Province, LK (14 mi / 22 km N)
VCBI CMB Colombo [Bandaranaike Intl], Western Province, LK (19 mi / 30 km N)
VCCN KTY Kalutara [Katukurunda Airport], Western Province, LK (26 mi / 42 km S)
BJT Bentota [Bentota River Airport], Southern Province, LK (34 mi / 55 km S)
NUF Hatton [Castlereigh Reservoir Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (51 mi / 81 km E)
KDZ Kandy (Katugastota) [Polgolla Reservoir Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (61 mi / 99 km NE)
NUA Nuwara Eliya [Lake Gregory Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (64 mi / 103 km E)
KDW Kandy [Victoria Reservoir Waterdrome], Central Province, LK (67 mi / 108 km E)
VCCK Koggala [Koggala Airport], Southern Province, LK (71 mi / 114 km SE)
KCT Koggala [Koggala Lagoon Waterdrome], Southern Province, LK (71 mi / 114 km SE)
DBU Dambula [Ibbankatuwa Tank Waterdrome (Dambulu Oya Tank)], Central Province, LK (85 mi / 136 km NE)
DIW Dikwella (Dickwella) [Mawella Lagoon Waterdrome], Southern Province, LK (88 mi / 141 km SE)
VCCS GIU VC15 Sigiriya (Dambulla) [Sigiriya Airport (SLAF Sigiriya)], Central Province, LK (94 mi / 151 km NE)
DBK Kalpitiya [Dutch Bay Lagoon Waterdrome], North Western Province, LK (94 mi / 151 km N)
VCRI HRI Mattala [Mattala Rajapaksa Intl], Southern Province, LK (98 mi / 157 km SE)
HBT Hambantota [Hambantota Waterdrome], Southern Province, LK (101 mi / 163 km SE)

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