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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 57°49'N 8°35'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EISP Spanish Point, County Clare, Munster, IE (345 mi / 555 km S)
EIER Erinagh (Nenagh), Capperoe, County Tipperary, Munster, IE (346 mi / 557 km S)
EGGX Shanwick [Shanwick Center FIR/OCA], IE (349 mi / 562 km S)
EIHN Hacketstown, County Carlow, Leinster, IE (352 mi / 567 km S)
EGOV VLY Anglesey (Holyhead) [Anglesey Airport/RAF Valley (Maes Awyr Môn)], Anglesey, Wales, GB (354 mi / 569 km SE)
EGNH BLK Blackpool [Squire's Gate Airport], Lancashire, England, GB (354 mi / 569 km SE)
EINN SNN Shannon (Limerick) [Intl], County Clare, Munster, IE (354 mi / 570 km S)
EIMY Moyne, County Tipperary, Munster, IE (355 mi / 572 km S)
EGOQ EG72 Mona [RAF Mona], Anglesey, Wales, GB (356 mi / 573 km SE)
EICN Coonagh, County Limerick, Munster, IE (356 mi / 573 km S)
EIBB Brittas Bay, County Wicklow, Leinster, IE (358 mi / 576 km S)
EGNV MME Teesside (Middleton St. George) [Durham Tees Valley Airport (Teesside Intl)], Durham, England, GB (358 mi / 577 km SE)
EGNO WRT Warton [Warton Aerodrome], Lancashire, England, GB (359 mi / 577 km SE)
EIKI Killenaule, County Tipperary, Munster, IE (361 mi / 580 km S)
(EGCO) Southport [Birkdale Sands Airport], Lancashire, England, GB (361 mi / 581 km SE)
EIKK KKY Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Leinster, IE (361 mi / 581 km S)
EGOW Woodvale, Lancashire, England, GB (364 mi / 585 km SE)
EGXE Leeming, Yorkshire, England, GB (366 mi / 588 km SE)
EGCK Caernarfon, Caernarfonshire, Wales, GB (366 mi / 589 km SE)
EGXZ Topcliffe [RAF Topcliffe], Yorkshire, England, GB (374 mi / 602 km SE)

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