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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 5652'18"N 540'21"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FWM Fort William [Heliport], Scotland, GB (21 mi / 34 km E)
ULL X6MU Glenforsa (Mull) [Glenforsa Airfield], Aros, Isle of Mull, Scotland, GB (26 mi / 42 km S)
SKL Isle Of Skye [Broadford], Scotland, GB (27 mi / 43 km N)
EGEO OBN Oban (North Connell) [Oban Airfield], Argyll, Scotland, GB (30 mi / 48 km S)
EGEL COL Coll Island, Scotland, GB (41 mi / 65 km SW)
EGPU TRE Tiree, Isle of Tiree, Argyll, Scotland, GB (52 mi / 84 km SW)
LPH Lochgilphead, Scotland, GB (58 mi / 93 km S)
EGEY CSA Colonsay (Machrins) [Colonsay Island Airport], Colonsay Island, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (60 mi / 97 km S)
EGPR BRR North Bay (Castle Bay, Eoligarry, Traigh Mhr) [Barra (Eoligarry)], Isle of Barra, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (68 mi / 109 km W)
ZIV Inverness [Railway Station], Inverness, Scotland, GB (69 mi / 111 km NE)
RAY Rothesay [Heliport], Isle of Bute, Scotland, GB (75 mi / 121 km S)
EGPL BEB Benbecula, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (76 mi / 123 km NW)
EGPE INV Inverness, Inverness, Scotland, GB (77 mi / 123 km NE)
X6BU Bute [Bute Airfield], Isle of Bute, Scotland, GB (81 mi / 130 km S)
CRN Cromarty, Scotland, GB (82 mi / 133 km NE)
EGPF GLA Glasgow [Abbotsinch], Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB (84 mi / 135 km SE)
EGPI ILY Islay [Port Ellen Airport], Argyll, Scotland, GB (85 mi / 137 km S)
EGEG Glasgow [City Heliport], Renfrewshire, Scotland, GB (88 mi / 141 km SE)
EG73 Fearn, Leicestershire, Scotland, GB (89 mi / 144 km NE)
EGPG Cumbernauld [Cumbernauld Aerodrome], Scotland, GB (90 mi / 145 km SE)

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