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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 55°57'N 3°12'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGPL BEB Benbecula, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (191 mi / 307 km NW)
EGXF Cowden, Beverley, England, GB (191 mi / 307 km SE)
EGSY SZD Sheffield [Sheffield City], Yorkshire, England, GB (191 mi / 308 km SE)
EGNR CEG Chester (Broughton) [Hawarden Airport], Flintshire, England, GB (192 mi / 309 km S)
EGOQ EG72 Mona [RAF Mona], Anglesey, Wales, GB (192 mi / 309 km S)
(EGXI) (DCS) Doncaster [RAF Finningley], Yorkshire, England, GB (192 mi / 310 km SE)
EGCN DSA Doncaster/Sheffield [Robin Hood Airport (RAF Finningley)], Yorkshire, England, GB (192 mi / 310 km SE)
EGOV VLY Anglesey (Holyhead) [Anglesey Airport/RAF Valley (Maes Awyr Môn)], Anglesey, Wales, GB (194 mi / 313 km S)
EGPO SYY Stornoway, Hebrides, Scotland, GB (196 mi / 316 km NW)
EGCA Coal Aston, Derbyshire, England, GB (196 mi / 316 km S)
HOY Hoy (Longhope) [Longhope Airfield], Hoy Island, Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (196 mi / 316 km N)
FLH Flotta Isle, Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (199 mi / 320 km N)
EGNF Netherthorpe [Netherthorpe Aerodrome], Derbyshire, England, GB (199 mi / 320 km SE)
EGNJ HUY Humberside, Lincolnshire, England, GB (200 mi / 322 km SE)
(EGCE) Wrexham Borras, Denbigh, Wales, GB (201 mi / 323 km S)
EIGM Gormanston, County Meath, Leinster, IE (201 mi / 323 km SW)
EGCK Caernarfon, Caernarfonshire, Wales, GB (202 mi / 325 km S)
GC0007 Lamb Holm, Orkney Isles, Scotland, GB (204 mi / 328 km N)
EGCS Heapham [Sturgate Airfield (RAF Sturgate)], Lincolnshire, England, GB (204 mi / 329 km SE)
EGNE Retford (Gamston), Nottinghamshire, England, GB (205 mi / 331 km SE)

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