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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 5557'N 312'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
(EGWZ) (AYH) Alconbury (Abbots Ripton) [RAF Alconbury], Huntingdonshire, England, GB (275 mi / 443 km SE)
EGUY QUY Wyton, Huntingdonshire, England, GB (278 mi / 448 km SE)
GC0050 Cromer [Northrepps Aerodrome], Norfolk, England, GB (279 mi / 449 km SE)
EICD WEX Wexford [Castlebridge], County Wexford, Leinster, IE (279 mi / 449 km SW)
(EGVW) Bedford (Thurleigh), Bedfordshire, England, GB (280 mi / 451 km SE)
EGBF Bedford [Bedford Aerodrome], Bedfordshire, England, GB (280 mi / 451 km SE)
EGPB LSI Sumburgh (Sumburgh Cape) [Sumburgh Airport (RAF Sumburgh), Shetland Islands, Scotland, GB (281 mi / 452 km N)
EIKK KKY Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Leinster, IE (282 mi / 454 km SW)
EICB CLB Castlebar, County Mayo, Connacht, IE (282 mi / 455 km SW)
EGBC Cheltenham [Cheltenham Racecourse Heliport], Gloucestershire, England, GB (283 mi / 455 km S)
EGBV Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England, GB (283 mi / 455 km S)
EGBT Turweston, Buckinghamshire, England, GB (284 mi / 456 km S)
EGBJ GLO Gloucester/Cheltenham [Gloucestershire], Gloucestershire, England, GB (284 mi / 456 km S)
EGSA Shipdham, Norfolk, England, GB (284 mi / 457 km SE)
(EGYR) Watton [RAF radar], Norfolk, England, GB (286 mi / 460 km SE)
EGSB Bedford [Castle Mill], Bedfordshire, England, GB (287 mi / 462 km SE)
EGTN Enstone [Enstone Airfield (RAF Enstone)], Oxfordshire, England, GB (287 mi / 462 km S)
EGYC Coltishall, Norfolk, England, GB (288 mi / 463 km SE)
EKAR North Sea [South (Syd) Arne Helideck], DK (288 mi / 463 km E)
EGTC Cranfield [Cranfield Airport (RAF Cranfield)], Bedfordshre, England, GB (288 mi / 464 km S)

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