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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 55░53'14"S 37░28'05"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FAME Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands, Western Cape, ZA (623 mi / 1003 km N)
GC0051 Novolazarevskaya Station, Queen Maud Land, AQ (1289 mi / 2074 km SW)
GC0080 Port-aux-Franšais, Kerguelen Islands, TF (1435 mi / 2309 km E)
GC0036 Norwegian Polar Institute [Troll Airfield], Queen Maud Land, AQ (1500 mi / 2414 km SW)
FAPE PLZ Port Elizabeth [Intl], Eastern Cape, ZA (1615 mi / 2599 km NW)
FACF St. Francis [St. Francis Field], Eastern Cape, ZA (1615 mi / 2599 km NW)
FAPX Paradise Beach [Paradise Beach Airport], Eastern Cape, ZA (1620 mi / 2607 km NW)
FAPZ Progress [Progress Airport], Eastern Cape, ZA (1623 mi / 2612 km NW)
FAPA AFD Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, ZA (1623 mi / 2613 km NW)
FAHD Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, ZA (1627 mi / 2619 km NW)
FAUH Uitenhage [Uitenhage Airport], Eastern Cape, ZA (1632 mi / 2627 km NW)
FAEL ELS East London, Eastern Cape, ZA (1645 mi / 2647 km N)
FAGT Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, ZA (1647 mi / 2651 km NW)
FAPG PBZ Plettenberg Bay [Plettenberg Bay Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1650 mi / 2655 km NW)
FAKE Keimouth, Eastern Cape, ZA (1660 mi / 2672 km N)
FABE BIY Bhisho, Eastern Cape, ZA (1661 mi / 2674 km N)
FAWR Wavecrest, Eastern Cape, ZA (1666 mi / 2681 km N)
FAMO MZY Mossel Bay (Mosselbai) [Mossel Bay Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1671 mi / 2689 km NW)
FAKO Komga, Eastern Cape, ZA (1673 mi / 2693 km N)
FAGG GRJ George, Western Cape, ZA (1674 mi / 2694 km NW)

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