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Location codes 1-20 of 138 near location 55°07'06"S 141°57'29"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NEMO Pacific Ocean [Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility (Point Nemo)] (898 mi / 1446 km E)
NZCI CHT Waitangi [Tuuta], Chatham Islands, NZ (1716 mi / 2761 km W)
NZTB Terra Nova Bay [Mario Zucchelli Station], AQ (1964 mi / 3162 km SW)
NZWD McMurdo Station [Williams Field], Ross Island, AQ (1985 mi / 3194 km S)
NZFX McMurdo Station [Phoenix Field], Ross Island, AQ (1991 mi / 3204 km S)
NZIR McMurdo Station [Ice Runway], Ross Island, AQ (1993 mi / 3207 km S)
NZPG McMurdo Station [Pegasus Field], Ross Island, AQ (1995 mi / 3210 km S)
GC0079 Marble Point [Marble Point Heliport (Marble Point Refueling Station)], AQ (2021 mi / 3253 km S)
NZFT Flat Point, Wellington, NZ (2125 mi / 3420 km W)
SCGC Base Antarctica [Unión Glaciar Airport], Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena, CL (2126 mi / 3421 km S)
NZPO Porangahau, Hawke's Bay, NZ (2143 mi / 3448 km W)
NZDC Dunedin [City Heliport], Otago, NZ (2144 mi / 3450 km W)
NZDH Dunedin [Hospital Heliport], Otago, NZ (2144 mi / 3451 km W)
NZMT Martinborough, Wellington, NZ (2145 mi / 3452 km W)
NZMH Masterton [Hospital Heliport], Wellington, NZ (2150 mi / 3460 km W)
NZMS MRO Masterton, Wellington, NZ (2150 mi / 3461 km W)
NZTI Taieri, Otago, NZ (2151 mi / 3461 km W)
NZDN DUD Dunedin [Intl], Otago, NZ (2154 mi / 3467 km W)
NZAN Alfredton, Manawatu-Wanganui, NZ (2154 mi / 3467 km W)
NZBW Burwood [Hospital Heliport], Canterbury, NZ (2156 mi / 3470 km W)

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