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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 5443'06"N 427'11"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EILT LTR Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ulster, IE (130 mi / 208 km W)
EGQL ADX St. Andrews [Leuchars], Fife, Scotland, GB (130 mi / 210 km NE)
EGAB ENK Enniskillen [St. Angelo], County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, GB (130 mi / 210 km W)
(EGCE) Wrexham Borras, Denbigh, Wales, GB (131 mi / 211 km SE)
EINC Newcastle, County Wicklow, Leinster, IE (131 mi / 211 km SW)
EGPN DND Dundee, Angus, Scotland, GB (132 mi / 213 km NE)
EGOD Llanbedr, Merioneth, Wales, GB (133 mi / 213 km S)
EGCD XXB Manchester [Woodford Aerodrome], Cheshire, England, GB (134 mi / 215 km SE)
ULL X6MU Glenforsa (Mull) [Glenforsa Airfield], Aros, Isle of Mull, Scotland, GB (137 mi / 220 km NW)
EGXU HRT Linton-on-Ouse (Harrogate) [RAF Linton-on-Ouse], Yorkshire, England, GB (137 mi / 221 km E)
EIGN Gowran Grange, County Kildare, Leinster, IE (139 mi / 223 km SW)
EIBB Brittas Bay, County Wicklow, Leinster, IE (145 mi / 233 km SW)
EGCT Tilstock [Whitchurch Heath], Shropshire, England, GB (145 mi / 234 km SE)
EGXG Church Fenton [RAF Church Fenton], Yorkshire, England, GB (145 mi / 234 km SE)
QQY York [Railway Station], Yorkshire, England, GB (146 mi / 234 km E)
EGCJ Sherburn-in-Elmet, Yorkshire, England, GB (146 mi / 235 km SE)
EGCV Sleap [Sleap Aerodrome], Shropshire, England, GB (147 mi / 237 km SE)
FWM Fort William [Heliport], Scotland, GB (147 mi / 237 km N)
EICL Clonbullogue, County Offaly, Leinster, IE (149 mi / 240 km SW)
EGOE Ternhill [Stoke Heath], Shropshire, England, GB (150 mi / 241 km SE)

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