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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 5331'13"N 11336'40"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CRD4 Red Deer [Red Deer/South 40 Airstrip], Alberta, CA (88 mi / 142 km S)
CKH5 Killam [Killam Health Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA (89 mi / 143 km SE)
CWP3 Leslieville [W. Pidhirney Residence Heliport], Alberta, CA (90 mi / 144 km SW)
CLH2 Stettler [Stettler Health Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA (91 mi / 146 km SE)
CEJ3 Stettler [Stettler Airport], Alberta, CA (91 mi / 147 km SE)
CEF6 Forestburg [Forestburg Airport], Alberta, CA (91 mi / 147 km SE)
CEK6 Killam-Sedgewick, Alberta, CA (91 mi / 147 km SE)
CFB3 Hespero [Hespero Airport], Alberta, CA (92 mi / 147 km SW)
CTS6 Hespero [Safron Residence Heliport], Alberta, CA (92 mi / 149 km S)
CAM4 Alhambra [Ahlstrom Aerodrome], Alberta, CA (92 mi / 149 km SW)
CYRM YRM Rocky Mountain House [Rocky Mountain House Airport], Alberta, CA (93 mi / 149 km SW)
CWRM Rocky House (MARS), Alberta, CA (93 mi / 150 km SW)
CYQF YQF Red Deer [Red Deer Regional Airport], Alberta, CA (93 mi / 150 km S)
CBH7 Benalto [Hillman's Farm Aerodrome], Alberta, CA (93 mi / 150 km S)
CSF5 Markerville [Safron Farms Aerodrome], Alberta, CA (95 mi / 153 km S)
CEU4 Rocky Mountain House [Rocky Mountain House General Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA (96 mi / 155 km SW)
CEW3 St. Paul [St. Paul Aerodrome], Alberta, CA (97 mi / 156 km E)
CYZU YZU Whitecourt [Whitecourt Airport], Alberta, CA (99 mi / 159 km NW)
CTP5 St. Paul [St. Paul Health Care Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA (100 mi / 162 km E)
CEM4 Innisfail, Alberta, CA (101 mi / 163 km S)

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