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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 5325'39"N 11306'58"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CEZ3 Edmonton [Cooking Lake], Alberta, CA (0 mi / 0 km E)
CEE7 South Cooking Lake [Edmonton/Cooking Lake Water Aerodrome], Alberta, CA (1 mi / 1 km SE)
CEE6 Twin Island [Twin Island Airpark], Alberta, CA (3 mi / 5 km NW)
CBY2 Sherwood Park (Edmonton) [Bailey Heliport], Alberta, CA (7 mi / 12 km NW)
CEP8 Sherwood Park (Edmonton) [Eastport Heliport], Alberta, CA (10 mi / 17 km NW)
CGF2 Edmonton Capital Region [Edmonton/Lechelt Field Aerodrome], Alberta, CA (12 mi / 19 km NE)
CES8 Edmonton [Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA (13 mi / 21 km W)
YEA Edmonton [Metro Area], Alberta, CA (17 mi / 27 km NW)
CFQ7 Edmonton Capital Region [Edmonton/Gartner Airport], Alberta, CA (17 mi / 28 km SW)
CEV7 Tofield [Tofield Airport], Alberta, CA (18 mi / 29 km E)
CEW7 Edmonton [Edmonton/University of Alberta Stollery Children's Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA (18 mi / 29 km W)
CFH7 Edmonton [Edmonton Royal Alexandra Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA (18 mi / 29 km NW)
CSV4 Fort Saskatchewan [Fort Saskatchewan General Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA (19 mi / 30 km N)
CYXD YXD Edmonton [Blatchford Field (Edmonton City Centre Airport)], Alberta, CA (19 mi / 31 km NW)
CTF2 Tofield [Tofield Health Centre Heliport], Alberta, CA (20 mi / 32 km E)
XZL Edmonton [Railway Station], Alberta, CA (20 mi / 32 km NW)
CFB6 Edmonton (Josephburg), Alberta, CA (21 mi / 33 km N)
CYEG YEG Edmonton (Nisku) [Intl], Alberta, CA (21 mi / 33 km SW)
CLD2 Leduc (Edmonton) [Edmonton/Leduc Heliport], Alberta, CA (21 mi / 34 km SW)
CMC2 Edmonton [Edmonton/Misericordia Community Hospital Heliport], Alberta, CA (21 mi / 34 km W)

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