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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 5300'46"N 541'43"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EHSB Utrecht [Soesterberg AB], Utrecht, NL (Code changed to EHSB.OLD)
(EHSB) (UTC) Utrecht [Soesterberg AB], Utrecht, NL (64 mi / 103 km S)
EHDL QAR Arnhem (Deelen) [Deelen AB], Gelderland, NL (66 mi / 107 km S)
EHDB De Bilt, Utrecht, NL (67 mi / 107 km S)
EDWE EME Emden, Lower Saxony, DE (69 mi / 111 km NE)
QYH Hengelo [Railway Station], Overijssel, NL (70 mi / 112 km SE)
ETWM Meppen, Lower Saxony, DE (71 mi / 114 km E)
EHTW ENS Enschede [Twenthe], Overijssel, NL (71 mi / 115 km SE)
EDWJ JUI Juist, Lower Saxony, DE (73 mi / 117 km NE)
EDWN Nordhorn-Lingen [Flugplatz Nordhorn-Lingen], Lower Saxony, DE (73 mi / 118 km SE)
ETUN Nordhorn [Nordhorn Range (RAF Nordhorn)], Lower Saxony, DE (74 mi / 119 km SE)
QYE Enschede [Railway Station], Overijssel, NL (74 mi / 119 km SE)
EDWF Leer Papenburg (Leer Nuttermoor), Lower Saxony, DE (75 mi / 120 km E)
EDWS NOE Norddeich (Norden) [Norden-Norddeich Airfield], Lower Saxony, DE (75 mi / 121 km NE)
NOD Norden, Lower Saxony, DE (77 mi / 124 km NE)
EHVB Leiden [Valkenburg Naval AB], Zuid-Holland, NL (79 mi / 128 km SW)
EDWY NRD Norderney, Lower Saxony, DE (80 mi / 128 km NE)
EDWZ BMR Baltrum, Lower Saxony, DE (85 mi / 137 km NE)
EDLS Stadtlohn Vreden, North Rhine-Westphalia, DE (85 mi / 137 km SE)
HAG The Hague [Metro Area], Zuid-Holland, NL (86 mi / 139 km SW)

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