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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 5211'24"N 17146'12"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PAAK AKB AKA Atka, Alaska, US (104 mi / 167 km W)
PAKO IKO IKO Nikolski [Nikolski Air Station], Alaska, US (134 mi / 215 km NE)
KCN KCN Chernofski Harbor [Chernofski Harbor SPB], Alaska, US (196 mi / 315 km NE)
PADK ADK ADK Adak Island [Adak Airport], Alaska, US (209 mi / 336 km W)
PAAM AK23 Dutch Harbor [Driftwood Bay Air Force Station], Alaska, US (239 mi / 384 km NE)
PADU DUT DUT Unalaska [Unalaska Airport, Dutch Harbor Airport, Tom Madsen Airport], Alaska, US (248 mi / 399 km NE)
KQA KQA Akutan [Akutan SPB], Alaska, US (283 mi / 455 km NE)
PAUT 7AK Akutan, Alaska, US (290 mi / 466 km NE)
PAPB STG PBV St. George [St. George Airport], Alaska, US (315 mi / 507 km N)
PACS 26AK Cape Sarichef, Alaska, US (328 mi / 528 km NE)
PASN SNP SNP St. Paul Island [St. Paul Island Airport], Alaska, US (350 mi / 563 km N)
(AHT) Amchitka [Amchitka AFB], Alaska, US (389 mi / 625 km W)
PAKF KFP KFP False Pass, Alaska, US (390 mi / 628 km NE)
KPH KPH Pauloff Harbor (Sanak Island) [Pauloff Harbor SPB], Alaska, US (407 mi / 655 km NE)
PACD CDB CDB Cold Bay, Alaska, US (425 mi / 684 km NE)
Z87 Cold Bay [Blinn Lake SPB], Alaska, US (426 mi / 685 km NE)
PAVC KVC KVC King Cove, Alaska, US (439 mi / 707 km NE)
PAOU NLG OUL Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, US (505 mi / 813 km NE)
36H Squaw Harbor [Squaw Harbor SPB], Alaska, US (505 mi / 813 km NE)
HED AK33 Herendeen Bay, Alaska, US (508 mi / 817 km NE)

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