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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 5204'55"N 439'15"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KYN Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, GB (166 mi / 267 km E)
(EGXN) Newton, Nottinghamshire, England, GB (166 mi / 267 km NE)
EGHE ISC St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, England, GB (166 mi / 267 km SW)
EGUH HYC High Wycombe [RAF], Buckinghamshire, England, GB (167 mi / 269 km E)
EGHL QLA Lasham, Hampshire, England, GB (168 mi / 270 km E)
EGTB Booker [Wycombe Air Park], Buckinghamshire, England, GB (168 mi / 270 km E)
EGNF Netherthorpe [Netherthorpe Aerodrome], Derbyshire, England, GB (168 mi / 271 km NE)
EGWN Halton, Buckinghamshire, England, GB (169 mi / 271 km E)
EIMS Mountshannon, County Clare, Munster, IE (170 mi / 273 km W)
EGVO ODH Odiham [RAF Odiham], Hampshire, England, GB (170 mi / 274 km E)
EGXY Syerston [RAF Syerston], Nottinghamshire, England, GB (171 mi / 275 km NE)
EGLM White Waltham, Berkshire, England, GB (171 mi / 275 km E)
EGLK BBS Blackbushe (Reading) [Blackbushe Airport], Hampshire, England, GB (172 mi / 276 km E)
EGTC Cranfield [Cranfield Airport (RAF Cranfield)], Bedfordshre, England, GB (172 mi / 277 km E)
EGHF Lee-on-Solent (Gosport) [Soloent Airport (Daedalus Airfield)], Hampshire, England, GB (173 mi / 278 km SE)
EGRR Bracknell / Beaufort Park [Met Center], England, GB (173 mi / 278 km E)
EICN Coonagh, County Limerick, Munster, IE (175 mi / 282 km W)
EGXJ OKH Oakham [RAF Cottesmor], Rutland, England, GB (175 mi / 282 km E)
EGNM LBA Leeds/Bradford (Yeadon) [Leeds Bradford Intl], Yorkshire, England, GB (176 mi / 283 km NE)
EGLF FAB Farnborough, Hampshire, England, GB (176 mi / 283 km E)

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