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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 5202'07"N 043'16"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
QQP London [Paddington Railway Station], England, GB (53 mi / 85 km SW)
ZEP London [Victoria Railway Station], England, GB (53 mi / 85 km SW)
LON London [Metro Area], England, GB (53 mi / 85 km SW)
(EGKM) (WEM) West Malling (Kings Hill) [RAF West Malling], Kent, England, GB (54 mi / 86 km S)
EGYH Sutton Bridge [Holbeach Range], Lincolnshire, England, GB (54 mi / 87 km NW)
(EGTI) Leavesden, Hertfordshire, England, GB (54 mi / 88 km SW)
EGMH MSE London [Manston], Kent, England, GB (55 mi / 88 km SE)
EGLW London (Battersea) [London Heliport (Westland Heliport)], England, GB (55 mi / 88 km SW)
EGUP Sculthorpe, Norfolk, England, GB (56 mi / 90 km N)
EGYC Coltishall, Norfolk, England, GB (57 mi / 91 km NE)
EGKB BQH Bromley [London Biggin Hill (RAF Biggin Hill)], Kent, England, GB (57 mi / 92 km SW)
EGTC Cranfield [Cranfield Airport (RAF Cranfield)], Bedfordshre, England, GB (57 mi / 92 km W)
EGKE Challock, Kent, England, GB (57 mi / 92 km S)
EGCL Fenland [Fenland Aerodrome], Lincolnshire, England, GB (58 mi / 94 km NW)
EGWU NHT Northolt [RAF Northolt], Middlesex, England, GB (59 mi / 95 km SW)
(EGCR) London [Croydon Airport], England, GB (59 mi / 95 km SW)
EGSP Sibson (Peterborough), Huntingdonshire, England, GB (59 mi / 95 km NW)
(EGSD) Great Yarmouth [North Denes Airport], Norfolk, England, GB (59 mi / 96 km NE)
EGKH Headcorn (Lashenden) [Headcorn Aerodrome], Ashford, Kent, England, GB (61 mi / 98 km S)
EGLD Denham, Buckinghamshire, England, GB (61 mi / 99 km SW)

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