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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 5128'17"N 310'28"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGSC CBG Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, GB (152 mi / 245 km E)
EGNF Netherthorpe [Netherthorpe Aerodrome], Derbyshire, England, GB (153 mi / 246 km NE)
EGSY SZD Sheffield [Sheffield City], Yorkshire, England, GB (153 mi / 246 km NE)
EIBB Brittas Bay, County Wicklow, Leinster, IE (155 mi / 250 km NW)
EICD WEX Wexford [Castlebridge], County Wexford, Leinster, IE (155 mi / 250 km NW)
(EGKM) (WEM) West Malling (Kings Hill) [RAF West Malling], Kent, England, GB (156 mi / 251 km E)
EGNE Retford (Gamston), Nottinghamshire, England, GB (156 mi / 252 km NE)
EGYD Cranwell (Cranwell South) [RAF Cranwell], Lincolnshire, England, GB (157 mi / 253 km NE)
EGNO WRT Warton [Warton Aerodrome], Lancashire, England, GB (158 mi / 254 km N)
EGSL Andrewsfield (Great Saling), Essex, England, GB (158 mi / 255 km E)
EGNH BLK Blackpool [Squire's Gate Airport], Lancashire, England, GB (159 mi / 256 km N)
EGTO RCS Rochester, Kent, England, GB (159 mi / 256 km E)
EGCL Fenland [Fenland Aerodrome], Lincolnshire, England, GB (160 mi / 258 km NE)
EGSW Newmarket Heath, Suffolk, England, GB (161 mi / 259 km E)
EGVT WXF Braintree [RAF Wethersfield], Essex, England, GB (162 mi / 261 km E)
EGXW WTN Waddington [RAF Waddington], Lincolnshire, England, GB (162 mi / 261 km NE)
EGJJ JER St. Peter [Jersey Airport], JE (162 mi / 261 km S)
EGMF Farthing Corner, Kent, England, GB (164 mi / 263 km E)
EINC Newcastle, County Wicklow, Leinster, IE (164 mi / 265 km NW)
(EGXI) (DCS) Doncaster [RAF Finningley], Yorkshire, England, GB (166 mi / 267 km NE)

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