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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 51°19'55"N 0°02'34"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGHS Henstridge, Somerset, England, GB (107 mi / 172 km W)
EGBB BHX Birmingham [Birmingham Airport (Birmingham Intl)], Warwickshire, England, GB (109 mi / 175 km NW)
EGUP Sculthorpe, Norfolk, England, GB (109 mi / 176 km N)
LFAB DPE Dieppe [St-Aubin], Haute-Normandie, FR (110 mi / 177 km SE)
LFAK XDK Dunkerque-lès-Moeres (Ghyvelde), Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FR (111 mi / 178 km E)
EGYC Coltishall, Norfolk, England, GB (113 mi / 182 km NE)
LFOI XAB Abbeville, Picardie, FR (114 mi / 183 km SE)
GC0109 Wyberton Fen (Boston) [Boston Aerodrome], Lincolnshire, England, GB (114 mi / 183 km N)
(EGTG) (FZO) Bristol [Bristol Filton Airport], Gloucestershire, England, GB (115 mi / 184 km W)
EGTG Bristol [Bristol Filton Airport], Gloucestershire, England, GB (Code changed to EGTG.OLD)
EBFN Koksijde [Koksijde AB], West-Vlaanderen, BE (115 mi / 184 km E)
QQN Birmingham [New Street Railway Station], Warwickshire, England, GB (115 mi / 185 km NW)
(EGSD) Great Yarmouth [North Denes Airport], Norfolk, England, GB (115 mi / 185 km NE)
EGYE Barkston Heath, Lincolnshire, England, GB (116 mi / 186 km N)
EBVS Veurne [Sint-Augustinus], West-Vlaanderen, BE (116 mi / 186 km E)
EBVE Veurne, West-Vlaanderen, BE (117 mi / 188 km E)
EGDY YEO Yeovilton, Somerset, England, GB (119 mi / 191 km W)
EGNX EMA Derby [East Midlands Airport (Castle Donnington)], Leicestershire, England, GB (119 mi / 191 km NW)
EGYD Cranwell (Cranwell South) [RAF Cranwell], Lincolnshire, England, GB (120 mi / 192 km N)
EGGD BRS Bristol [Bristol Intl (Lulsgate)], Somerset, England, GB (120 mi / 192 km W)

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