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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 5119'35"N 003'50"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GC0063 Sealand [Sealand Heliport (Roughs Tower, HM Fort Roughs)], SP (63 mi / 102 km E)
EGUD (ABB) Abingdon [RAF], Berkshire, England, GB (65 mi / 104 km NW)
EGST Elmsett, Suffolk, England, GB (65 mi / 105 km NE)
EGSW Newmarket Heath, Suffolk, England, GB (65 mi / 105 km N)
EGHF Lee-on-Solent (Gosport) [Soloent Airport (Daedalus Airfield)], Hampshire, England, GB (66 mi / 106 km SW)
EGBF Bedford [Bedford Aerodrome], Bedfordshire, England, GB (66 mi / 107 km N)
(EGVW) Bedford (Thurleigh), Bedfordshire, England, GB (67 mi / 107 km N)
EGHI SOU Southampton [Eastleigh], Hampshire, England, GB (67 mi / 108 km W)
EGUW Wattisham, Suffolk, England, GB (67 mi / 108 km NE)
EGHJ BBP Bembridge, Isle of Wight, England, GB (68 mi / 109 km SW)
(EGSE) (IPW) Ipswich (Nacton) [Ipswich Airport (RAF Nacton)], Suffolk, England, GB (69 mi / 110 km NE)
EGBV Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England, GB (69 mi / 111 km NW)
EGTK OXF Oxford [London Oxford Airport (Kidlington)], Oxfordshire, England, GB (69 mi / 111 km NW)
EGWA Andover, Hampshire, England, GB (70 mi / 112 km W)
EGBT Turweston, Buckinghamshire, England, GB (70 mi / 113 km NW)
(EGUA) (UHF) Upper Heyford [RAF Upper Heyford], Oxfordshire, England, GB (71 mi / 114 km NW)
EGHN Sandown [Lea Farm], Isle of Wight, England, GB (72 mi / 115 km SW)
EGUY QUY Wyton, Huntingdonshire, England, GB (72 mi / 115 km N)
EGVP Middle Wallop, Hampshire, England, GB (72 mi / 116 km W)
EGHO Thruxton [Thruxton Aerodrome], Hampshire, England, GB (73 mi / 117 km W)

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