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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 51°10'N 2°51'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LFAF XLN Laon (Chambry), Picardie, FR (114 mi / 183 km S)
GC0055 Tibenham (Long Stratton) [Tibenham Airfield (RAF Tibenham)], Norfolk, England, GB (115 mi / 185 km NW)
EGSL Andrewsfield (Great Saling), Essex, England, GB (115 mi / 185 km NW)
EGVT WXF Braintree [RAF Wethersfield], Essex, England, GB (115 mi / 185 km NW)
EGML Upminster [Damyns Hall], Essex, England, GB (115 mi / 186 km W)
EBZW Genk [Zwartberg Airfield], Limburg, BE (117 mi / 188 km E)
LFAB DPE Dieppe [St-Aubin], Haute-Normandie, FR (118 mi / 190 km SW)
EBLG LGG Liège (Luttich) [Liège Airport (Liège-Bierset Airport)], Liège, BE (119 mi / 192 km E)
EHDB De Bilt, Utrecht, NL (119 mi / 192 km NE)
EHBD Budel, Noord-Brabant, NL (120 mi / 193 km E)
LFAD XCP Compiègne [Margny], Picardie, FR (120 mi / 193 km S)
EGSV Old Buckenham (Norwich) [Old Buckenham Airfield (RAF Old Buckenham), Norfolk, England, GB (120 mi / 193 km NW)
EGSK Hethel, Norfolk, England, GB (120 mi / 193 km NW)
EBSL Zutendaal [Zutendaal AB], Limburg, BE (120 mi / 194 km E)
EGXH BEQ Bury St. Edmunds [Honington], Suffolk, England, GB (121 mi / 194 km NW)
EGSG Stapleford [Tawney], Essex, England, GB (121 mi / 195 km W)
EHHV Hilversum, Noord-Holland, NL (122 mi / 196 km NE)
EGSX North Weald (Basset), Essex, England, GB (123 mi / 197 km W)
EGKB BQH Bromley [London Biggin Hill (RAF Biggin Hill)], Kent, England, GB (123 mi / 198 km W)
LFOB BVA Beauvais (Paris) [Tillé], Picardie, FR (123 mi / 198 km S)

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