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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 5042'41"N 350'58"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGOQ EG72 Mona [RAF Mona], Anglesey, Wales, GB (178 mi / 286 km N)
EGOV VLY Anglesey (Holyhead) [Anglesey Airport/RAF Valley (Maes Awyr Mn)], Anglesey, Wales, GB (178 mi / 286 km N)
EGWE Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, GB (178 mi / 287 km NE)
EGBG Leicester, Leicestershire, England, GB (178 mi / 287 km NE)
EGLC LCY London [London City Airport], England, GB (179 mi / 287 km E)
EGSB Bedford [Castle Mill], Bedfordshire, England, GB (179 mi / 288 km NE)
LFRW Avranches [Le Val-St-Pre], Basse-Normandie, FR (179 mi / 288 km SE)
(EGVW) Bedford (Thurleigh), Bedfordshire, England, GB (180 mi / 289 km NE)
EGTH Old Warden [Biggleswade], Bedfordshire, England, GB (180 mi / 289 km NE)
EGBF Bedford [Bedford Aerodrome], Bedfordshire, England, GB (181 mi / 291 km NE)
EGNX EMA Derby [East Midlands Airport (Castle Donnington)], Leicestershire, England, GB (182 mi / 293 km NE)
LFES Guiscriff [Scaer], Bretagne, FR (184 mi / 296 km S)
LFRK CFR Caen [Caen-Carpiquet Airport], Basse-Normandie, FR (185 mi / 298 km SE)
EGSG Stapleford [Tawney], Essex, England, GB (186 mi / 299 km E)
EGGP LPL Liverpool [Liverpool John Lennon (RAF Speke)], Lancashire, England, GB (186 mi / 300 km N)
EGML Upminster [Damyns Hall], Essex, England, GB (187 mi / 301 km E)
EGSX North Weald (Basset), Essex, England, GB (187 mi / 301 km NE)
EIHN Hacketstown, County Carlow, Leinster, IE (188 mi / 303 km NW)
LFED Pontivy, Bretagne, FR (188 mi / 303 km S)
EINC Newcastle, County Wicklow, Leinster, IE (188 mi / 303 km NW)

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