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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 50°20'44"N 108°20'46"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NT77 E'l'Beza [E'l'Beza Heliport], Kemerovskaya, RU (866 mi / 1393 km W)
ZLJC JIC Jinchang [Jinchang Airport], Gansu, CN (867 mi / 1395 km S)
UNAQ Mrassu [Mrassu Heliport], Kemerovskaya, RU (867 mi / 1395 km W)
ZWHM HMI Hami, Xinjiang, CN (868 mi / 1396 km SW)
UERR MJZ Mirny [Mirny Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (870 mi / 1401 km N)
ZBTS TVS Tangshan [Tangshan Sannühe Airport (Tangshan AB)], Hubei, CN (871 mi / 1402 km SE)
ZLJQ JGN Jiayuguan City [Jiayuguan Airport (Jiuquan Airport)], Gansu, CN (872 mi / 1404 km SW)
UNKO Sharypovo, Krasnoyarskiy, RU (872 mi / 1404 km NW)
UNWJ Ust'-Anzas [Ust'-Anzas Heliport], Kemerovskaya, RU (873 mi / 1405 km W)
NT01 Shor-Tajga [Shor-Tajga Heliport], Kemerovskaya, RU (874 mi / 1406 km W)
GC0013 UNKNOWN, Gansu, CN (876 mi / 1410 km SW)
ZLZY YZY Zhangye [Zhangye Ganzhou Airport (Zhangye Southeast AB)], Gansu, CN (881 mi / 1418 km SW)
ZYJZ (JNZ) Jinzhou [Jinzhou Xiaolingzi Airport], Liaoning, CN (884 mi / 1423 km SE)
ZBLL LLV Lüliang [Lüliang Airport], Shaanxi, CN (885 mi / 1425 km S)
UEEA ADH Aldan [Aldan Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (889 mi / 1431 km NE)
ZYHB HRB Harbin [Harbin Taiping Intl], Heilongjiang, CN (889 mi / 1431 km E)
ZBSJ SJW Shijiazhuang [Shijiazhuang Zhengding Intl (Daguocun Intl)], Hubei, CN (890 mi / 1432 km SE)
ZBTJ TSN Tianjin [Binhai Intl], Tianjin, CN (891 mi / 1434 km SE)
GC0097 Orlovka (Orlovke, Vernoye) [Orlovka AB], Amurskaya, RU (892 mi / 1435 km E)
UENS SUY Suntar [Suntar Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (892 mi / 1435 km N)

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