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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 550'N 5510'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SMZO ORG Paramaribo [Zorg en Hoop], Paramaribo, SR (2 mi / 4 km SW)
SMJP PBM Paramaribo (Zanderij, Zandery) [Johan Adolf Pengel Intl (Paramaribo-Zanderij Intl)], Para, SR (26 mi / 42 km S)
SMGR Gross Rosebel [Gross Rosebel Airstrip], SR (51 mi / 83 km S)
SMMO MOJ Moengo, Marowijne, SR (55 mi / 89 km E)
SMAF Afobaka, Brokopondo, SR (59 mi / 94 km S)
SMJK Njoeng Jacob Kondre (Jacobkondre) [Njoeng Jacob Kondre Airstrip], Sipaliwini, SR (67 mi / 107 km S)
SMLT Langatabbetje, Sipaliwini, SR (76 mi / 123 km SE)
SMCO TOT Totness (Coronie), Coronie, SR (80 mi / 129 km W)
SMBN ABN Albina, Marowijne, SR (80 mi / 129 km E)
SOOM LDX St-Laurent du Maroni, GF (82 mi / 131 km E)
SMDO LDO Laduani (Ladouanie) [Laduani Airstrip], Sipaliwini, SR (102 mi / 163 km S)
SMWA AGI Wageningen [Wageningen Airstrip], Nickerie, SR (102 mi / 164 km W)
SMPG Poesoegroenoe (Psugruru), Sipaliwini, SR (108 mi / 173 km SW)
SMBO BTO Botopasi (Botopassi, Botopasie) [Botopasi Airstrip], Sipaliwini, SR (113 mi / 181 km S)
SMST SMZ Stoelmans Eiland, Sipaliwini, SR (114 mi / 184 km SE)
SMDA DRJ Drietabbetje, Sipaliwini, SR (123 mi / 198 km S)
SMPE Poeketi [Poeketi Airstrip], Sipaliwini, SR (123 mi / 198 km S)
SMGH Godo Holo (Pikienkondre of Miranda), Sipaliwini, SR (125 mi / 201 km S)
SMDJ DOE Djoemoe (Djumu, Dyumu) [Djoemoe Airstrip], Sipaliwini, SR (127 mi / 205 km S)
SMNI ICK Nieuw Nickerie (New Nickerie), Nickerie, SR (129 mi / 208 km W)

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