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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 49°07'59"N 81°22'59"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
6Y5 Newberry [Two Hearted Airstrip], Michigan, US (252 mi / 406 km SW)
CPB6 Pointe au Baril [Pointe au Baril Station Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (253 mi / 406 km S)
CYGQ YGQ Geraldton [Geraldton (Greenstone Regional) Airport], Ontario, CA (254 mi / 409 km W)
CNE6 Geraldton [Hutchison Lake Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (254 mi / 409 km W)
CPJ4 Geraldton [Geraldton District Hospital Heliport], Ontario, CA (254 mi / 410 km W)
5Y1 Hessel [Albert J Lindberg Airport], Michigan, US (257 mi / 413 km SW)
CWNU YSS Slate Island, Ontario, CA (258 mi / 415 km W)
0MI6 Hulbert [Young's Airport], Michigan, US (259 mi / 417 km SW)
CMK2 McKellar [McKellar (Manitouwabing) Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (260 mi / 419 km S)
CYTJ Terrace Bay [Terrace Bay Airport], Ontario, CA (261 mi / 420 km W)
CWWX Cove Island (MAPS), Ontario, CA (263 mi / 423 km S)
CPT8 Parry Sound [Deep Bay Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (264 mi / 425 km S)
CNT2 Nobel [Sawdust Bay Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (264 mi / 426 km S)
CNL7 Nobel [Nobel/Lumsden Air Park], Ontario, CA (265 mi / 426 km S)
YOG CNT3 Ogoki Post, Ontario, CA (265 mi / 427 km NW)
CNA4 Emsdale [Emsdale Airport], Ontario, CA (265 mi / 427 km S)
CYAT YAT Attawapiskat First Nation [Attawapiskat Airport], Ontario, CA (266 mi / 428 km N)
CSB9 Lac Jean-Péré [Le Domaine (Parc de la Vérendrye Water Aerodrome)], Québec, CA (267 mi / 430 km SE)
CPS1 Parry Sound [Parry Sound Harbour Water Aerodrome], Ontario, CA (270 mi / 434 km S)
CNR4 Tobermory, Ontario, CA (270 mi / 434 km S)

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