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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 48°20'N 4°46'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
EGTK OXF Oxford [London Oxford Airport (Kidlington)], Oxfordshire, England, GB (287 mi / 461 km NE)
EGTB Booker [Wycombe Air Park], Buckinghamshire, England, GB (287 mi / 462 km NE)
EGKR KRH Redhill, Surrey, England, GB (287 mi / 462 km NE)
EGTN Enstone [Enstone Airfield (RAF Enstone)], Oxfordshire, England, GB (289 mi / 466 km NE)
LFOR QTJ Chartres [Champol], Centre, FR (290 mi / 466 km E)
EGLL LHR London [Heathrow Airport], Middlesex, England, GB (290 mi / 467 km NE)
EGUH HYC High Wycombe [RAF], Buckinghamshire, England, GB (291 mi / 468 km NE)
EICD WEX Wexford [Castlebridge], County Wexford, Leinster, IE (291 mi / 469 km N)
EG71 Hayes [Hayes Heliport], Middlesex, England, GB (292 mi / 470 km NE)
EGTA Aylesbury (Thame), Buckinghamshire, England, GB (293 mi / 471 km NE)
EICK ORK Cork [Intl], County Cork, Munster, IE (294 mi / 472 km NW)
(EGUA) (UHF) Upper Heyford [RAF Upper Heyford], Oxfordshire, England, GB (294 mi / 473 km NE)
LFDC Montendre [Marcillac], Aquitaine, FR (294 mi / 473 km SE)
EGLD Denham, Buckinghamshire, England, GB (294 mi / 473 km NE)
(EGCR) London [Croydon Airport], England, GB (295 mi / 474 km NE)
LFFL Bailleau-Armenonville, Centre, FR (295 mi / 474 km E)
EGBL Long Marston, Gloucestershire, England, GB (295 mi / 475 km NE)
EGWU NHT Northolt [RAF Northolt], Middlesex, England, GB (295 mi / 475 km NE)
LFBU ANG Angoulême [Brie-Champniers], Poitou-Charentes, FR (296 mi / 477 km SE)
EGLW London (Battersea) [London Heliport (Westland Heliport)], England, GB (298 mi / 480 km NE)

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