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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4818'00"N 11334'29"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
8U2 Schafer [Schafer Airport (USFS)], Montana, US (22 mi / 35 km SE)
2MT1 West Glacier [Ryan Field], Montana, US (22 mi / 35 km NW)
33MT West Glacier [Kruger Heliport], Montana, US (23 mi / 37 km NW)
0MT8 West Glacier [Glacier Heli Tours Heliport], Montana, US (23 mi / 38 km NW)
8U4 Spotted Bear [Spotted Bear Airport (USFS)], Montana, US (23 mi / 38 km S)
2MT4 Ferndale [River Bend Ranch Heliport], Montana, US (25 mi / 40 km SW)
53U Bigfork [Ferndale Airfield], Montana, US (26 mi / 41 km SW)
93MT Bigfork [Masonry Field], Montana, US (27 mi / 44 km SW)
MT91 Bigfork [North Country Pad], Montana, US (28 mi / 44 km SW)
MT18 Columbia Falls [Hoerner Airport], Montana, US (28 mi / 45 km W)
GLAC Glacier National Park [Glacier NP], Montana, US (28 mi / 45 km N)
8S0 Browning [Starr-Browning Airstrip], Montana, US (30 mi / 48 km NE)
22MT Kalispell [Wounded Buck Ranch Airport], Montana, US (30 mi / 49 km SW)
MT61 Somers [Taylor Homestead Airport], Montana, US (31 mi / 49 km SW)
17MT Kalispell [Abel Ranch Airport], Montana, US (31 mi / 50 km SW)
MT95 Kalispell [Flathead Lake Sky Ranch Airport], Montana, US (31 mi / 50 km SW)
MT54 Kalispell [Weaver Airport], Montana, US (31 mi / 50 km W)
KGPI FCA GPI Kalispell [Glacier Park Intl], Montana, US (31 mi / 51 km W)
0S1 Meadow Creek [Meadow Creek USFS Airport], Montana, US (32 mi / 51 km S)
2MT2 Kalispell [Braidwater Farm Airport], Montana, US (32 mi / 52 km W)

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