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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 47°55'N 106°53'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZMUB ULN Ulan Bator [Chinggis Khaan Intl (Genghis Khan Intl, Buyant Ukha Airport)], Ulaanbaatar, MN (7 mi / 12 km SW)
(ZMCK) Ulan Bator [New Ulaanbaatar Intl (Khöshig Valley Airport)], Töv, MN (19 mi / 31 km S)
ERT Erdenet, Orhon, MN (149 mi / 239 km NW)
ZMMG MXW Mandalgovi (Mandalgobi) [Mandalgovi Airport], Dundgovi, MN (153 mi / 247 km S)
ZMBN UGA Bulgan [Bulgan Airport], Bulgan, MN (170 mi / 273 km NW)
ZMBD Binder, Hentiy, MN (178 mi / 287 km E)
ZMUH UNR Öndörkhaan (Under Khan) [Öndörkhaan Airport], Hentiy, MN (179 mi / 288 km E)
UIUA Bichura [Bichura Airport], Buryatiya, RU (189 mi / 305 km N)
UIAD Krasny'j Chikoj [Krasny'j Chikoj Airport], Zabaykal'skiy, RU (190 mi / 305 km NE)
ZMHH KHR Kharkhorin [Kharkhorin Airport], Övörhangai, MN (195 mi / 314 km W)
ZMHU HJT Khujirt [Khujirt Airport], Övörhangai, MN (204 mi / 329 km W)
ZMAH AVK Arvaikheer [Arvaikheer Airport], Övörhangai, MN (224 mi / 361 km SW)
ZMDA Dadal [Dadal Airport], Hentiy, MN (226 mi / 363 km E)
UICP Petrovsk-Zabajkal'skij [Petrovsk-Zabajkal'skij Airport], Zabaykal'skiy, RU (252 mi / 406 km N)
ZMTG TSZ Tsetserleg [Tsetserleg Airport], Arhangay, MN (254 mi / 409 km W)
ZMSH Sainshand [Sainshand Airport], Dornogovi, MN (256 mi / 412 km SE)
UIAK Ky'ra [Ky'ra Airport], Zabaykal'skiy, RU (259 mi / 417 km NE)
UIUU UUD Ulan-Ude [Baikal Intl (Mukhino Airport)], Buryatiya, RU (270 mi / 435 km N)
UIUW Ulan-Ude [Vostochny Airport], Buryatiya, RU (275 mi / 442 km N)
UIUX Kabansk, Buryatiya, RU (285 mi / 458 km N)

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