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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 46°45'N 56°11'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CYVB YVB Bonaventure [Bonaventure Airport], Québec, CA (444 mi / 715 km W)
XEY Miramichi [Railway Station], New Brunswick, CA (445 mi / 716 km W)
CMS2 Middleton [Middleton Soldiers Memorial Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (446 mi / 718 km W)
CZBF ZBF Bathurst [Bathurst Airport], New Brunswick, CA (454 mi / 730 km W)
CLQ2 Liverpool [Liverpool Queens General Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (455 mi / 732 km W)
CWWE Western Head (MARS), Nova Scotia, CA (455 mi / 732 km W)
CCY3 Sussex, New Brunswick, CA (455 mi / 732 km W)
CYAU Liverpool (Greenfield) [South Shore Regional Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (455 mi / 733 km W)
CTJ3 Rivière-la-Madeleine, Québec, CA (457 mi / 736 km NW)
CWSF Cap Madeleine (MAPS), Québec, CA (458 mi / 737 km NW)
XEM New Richmond [Railway Station], Québec, CA (463 mi / 745 km W)
YDE CDF4 Paradise River (Paradise River Hydroelectric Generating Station) [Paradise River Airport], Newfoundland and Labrador, CA (464 mi / 746 km N)
YTN Rivière-au-Tonnerre, Québec, CA (465 mi / 748 km NW)
YBI CCE4 Black Tickle [Black Tickle Airport], Newfoundland and Labrador, CA (465 mi / 748 km N)
CCS4 Chipman [Chipman Airport], New Brunswick, CA (466 mi / 749 km W)
CDU6 Doaktown [Doaktown Airport], New Brunswick, CA (471 mi / 758 km W)
CCM3 Sevogle, New Brunswick, CA (472 mi / 760 km W)
CYSJ YSJ Saint John [Saint John Airport], New Brunswick, CA (477 mi / 768 km W)
CWEO Lac Eon (MAPS), Québec, CA (477 mi / 768 km NW)
CCB6 Clementsport [Maplecove Airpark], Nova Scotia, CA (477 mi / 768 km W)

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