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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 46°45'N 56°11'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
XFG Percé [Railway Station], Québec, CA (398 mi / 641 km W)
YHA CCP4 Port Hope Simpson [Port Hope Simpson Airport], Newfoundland and Labrador, CA (399 mi / 643 km N)
CWMI Miscou Island (MARS), New Brunswick, CA (400 mi / 643 km W)
CSB5 Shediac Bridge-Shediac River [Shediac Bridge Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA (402 mi / 646 km W)
YWM CCA6 Williams Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, CA (402 mi / 648 km N)
YBJ Baie Johan Beetz, Québec, CA (403 mi / 648 km NW)
CDT5 Buctouche, New Brunswick, CA (405 mi / 652 km W)
CTG3 Du Rocher-Perce [Pabok], Québec, CA (408 mi / 656 km W)
CYQM YQM Moncton [Greater Moncton Intl], New Brunswick, CA (408 mi / 656 km W)
CWPJ Point Escuminac (MAPS), New Brunswick, CA (408 mi / 657 km W)
CWXW Alexis River (MAPS), Newfoundland and Labrador, CA (409 mi / 658 km N)
CYGP YGP Gaspé [Michel-Pouliot Gaspé Airport], Québec, CA (411 mi / 661 km NW)
XDD Gaspé [Railway Station], Québec, CA (411 mi / 662 km NW)
CCG4 Moncton [McEwen], New Brunswick, CA (412 mi / 663 km W)
CHL2 Hillaton [Kings Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (412 mi / 663 km W)
XDL Chandler [Railway Station], Québec, CA (412 mi / 663 km W)
XDP Moncton [Railway Station], New Brunswick, CA (413 mi / 665 km W)
CDA4 Pokemouche [Pokemouche Airport], New Brunswick, CA (414 mi / 667 km W)
YHG CCH4 Charlottetown [Charlottetown Airport], Newfoundland and Labrador, CA (416 mi / 669 km N)
CTE3 Havre-Saint-Pierre [Havre Saint-Pierre Water Aerodrome], Québec, CA (416 mi / 670 km NW)

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