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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 46°45'N 56°11'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZKG CTK6 Kegaska (Kégashka) [Kegaska Airport], Québec, CA (333 mi / 536 km NW)
CCB2 Middle Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, CA (334 mi / 538 km W)
CTH7 Rivière-aux-Saumons [Rivière-aux-Saumons Aerodrome], Québec, CA (337 mi / 542 km NW)
ZFB Old Fort Bay, Québec, CA (343 mi / 552 km N)
CDA2 Tatamagouche [Tatamagouche Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (349 mi / 562 km W)
CSY8 Natashquan [Natashquan (Lac de l'Avion) Water Aerodrome], Québec, CA (349 mi / 562 km NW)
CYNA YNA Natashquan [Natashquan Airport], Québec, CA (350 mi / 564 km NW)
CDA3 Valley [Valley Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (351 mi / 564 km W)
CFH4 Fox Harbour [Fox Harbour Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (353 mi / 569 km W)
CWUR Truro (MARS), Nova Scotia, CA (354 mi / 569 km W)
XLZ Truro [Railway Station], Nova Scotia, CA (354 mi / 570 km W)
CEH9 Truro [Truro Colchester Health Centre Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (356 mi / 573 km W)
ZSP St. Paul, Québec, CA (360 mi / 579 km NW)
CCQ3 Debert [Debert Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (362 mi / 582 km W)
CCH6 Summerside [Summerside Prince County Hospital Heliport], Prince Edward Island, CA (362 mi / 583 km W)
CTQ3 Aguanish [Aguanish Water Aerodrome], Québec, CA (363 mi / 584 km NW)
CYSU YSU Summerside [Summerside Airport], Prince Edward Island, CA (365 mi / 587 km W)
CCA9 Grand River [Grand River Airport], Prince Edward Island, CA (370 mi / 596 km W)
CDD2 Porters Lake [Porters Lake Water Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (372 mi / 598 km W)
CCF4 Porters Lake [Porters Lake Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (372 mi / 598 km W)

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