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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 46°45'N 56°11'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CYHR YHR Chevery (Harrington Harbour) [Chevery Airport], Québec, CA (302 mi / 486 km NW)
CWHP Heath Point (MAPS), Québec, CA (303 mi / 487 km NW)
CCA3 Cable Head [Cable Head Airpark], Prince Edward Island, CA (306 mi / 492 km W)
ZTB CTB6 Tête-à-La Baleine [Tête-à-La Baleine Airport], Québec, CA (308 mi / 496 km NW)
ZLT CTU5 La Tabatière [La Tabatière Airport], Québec, CA (309 mi / 498 km NW)
ZGS CTT5 La Romaine (Gethsémani) [La Romaine Airport], Québec, CA (318 mi / 512 km NW)
CCZ5 Thorburn [Thorburn Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (318 mi / 512 km W)
CYTN Trenton [Muni], Nova Scotia, CA (319 mi / 513 km W)
CWBK Caribou Point (MAPS), Nova Scotia, CA (319 mi / 513 km W)
CNG2 New Glasgow , [New Glasgow Aberdeen Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (320 mi / 516 km W)
CYAY YAY St. Anthony [St. Anthony Airport], Newfoundland and Labrador, CA (321 mi / 516 km N)
CDL8 Centredale [Centredale Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (323 mi / 519 km W)
CRB5 Rivière Bell [Rivière Bell Aerodrome], Québec, CA (324 mi / 521 km NW)
CWBV Beaver Island (MAPS), Nova Scotia, CA (326 mi / 524 km W)
CCF3 Hopewell, Nova Scotia, CA (326 mi / 525 km W)
CYBX YBX Blanc-Sablon [Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon Airport], Québec, CA (327 mi / 527 km N)
CYIF YIF Pakuashipi [St. Augustin], Québec, CA (328 mi / 528 km N)
CTH9 Saint-Augustin [Saint-Augustin Heliport], Québec, CA (329 mi / 529 km N)
CDV3 Charlottetown [Charlottetown Queen Elizabeth Hospital Heliport], Prince Edward Island, CA (331 mi / 533 km W)
CYYG YYG Charlottetown [Charlottetown Airport], Prince Edward Island, CA (332 mi / 535 km W)

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