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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 46°37'N 15°08'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LOXL Linz (Hörsching) [Blue Danube Airport Linz], Oberösterreich, AT (Alias for LOWL)
LOWL LNZ Linz (Hörsching) [Blue Danube Airport Linz], Oberösterreich, AT (120 mi / 193 km N)
LOWZ Zell am See, Salzburg, AT (120 mi / 194 km NW)
LOAM Wien (Vienna) [Meidling UKH], Wien, AT (122 mi / 196 km NE)
LOLO Linz Ost, Oberösterreich, AT (122 mi / 197 km N)
LDRO Otocac, HR (123 mi / 197 km S)
LHPA Pápa [Pápa AB], Veszprém, HU (123 mi / 198 km NE)
LOWW VIE Wien (Vienna) [Vienna Intl (Schwechat)], Wien, AT (123 mi / 198 km NE)
ET37 Berchtesgaden [Berchtesgaden AHP], DE (124 mi / 199 km NW)
LOAA Ottenschlag, Niederösterreich, AT (125 mi / 200 km N)
XWT Vienna [City Air Terminal], Wien, AT (125 mi / 201 km NE)
LDPV Vrsar, HR (125 mi / 201 km SW)
LOAK Krems [Krems KH], Niederösterreich, AT (126 mi / 203 km N)
LOXT Tulln an der Danau (Langenlebarn-Oberaigen) [Fliegerhorse Brunowski (Tulln AB)], Niederösterreich, AT (126 mi / 203 km N)
LIPA AVB Aviano [Aviano AB (Pagliano e Gori)], Friuli-Venezia Giulia, IT (128 mi / 206 km W)
LIYW Aviano [Aviano AB (Pagliano e Gori)], Friuli-Venezia Giulia, IT (Code changed to LIPA)
LOAG Langenlois (Krems an der Donau) [Krems-Langenlois], Niederösterreich, AT (129 mi / 207 km N)
LOWS SZG Salzburg [Salzburg W.A. Mozart], Salzburg, AT (129 mi / 208 km NW)
LQBI Bihac, BA (129 mi / 208 km S)
LHKV Kaposújlak (Kaposvar) [Kaposújlak Airport], Somogy, HU (130 mi / 209 km E)

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