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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 46°20'S 33°20'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SAVU Comodoro Rivadavia [Comodoro Rivadavia UIR], AR (560 mi / 901 km W)
SUEX Montevideo East [Montevideo East UIR], UY (965 mi / 1554 km NW)
SFAL PSY Stanley (Port Stanley) [Port Stanley], FK (1165 mi / 1874 km SW)
EGYP MPN Mount Pleasant [Mount Pleasant Intl (RAF Mount Pleasant)], FK (1194 mi / 1922 km SW)
FAGE Gough Island (Conçalo Álvares), Tristan da Cunha, SH (1246 mi / 2006 km E)
FATC Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Tristan da Cunha, SH (1256 mi / 2021 km NE)
SUEO Montevideo [Montevideo UIR], UY (1338 mi / 2153 km NW)
SAZM MDQ Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, AR (1366 mi / 2199 km W)
SAZV VLG Villa Gesell [Villa Gesell Airport], Buenos Aires, AR (1368 mi / 2202 km W)
MJR SA14 Miramar [Miramar Airport], Buenos Aires, AR (1369 mi / 2203 km W)
SUPE Punta el Este [El Jagüel Airport], Maldonado, UY (1375 mi / 2212 km NW)
SSVP CTQ Santa Vitória do Palmar [Aeropuerto Fernando Ferrari], Rio Grande do Sul, BR (1376 mi / 2215 km NW)
SJEN Santa Vitória do Palmar [Pista Plá e Silva], Rio Grande do Sul, BR (1380 mi / 2220 km NW)
SAZL SST Santa Teresita, Buenos Aires, AR (1382 mi / 2225 km W)
SULS PDP Maldonado [Capitán Corbeta C.A. Curbelo Intl], Maldonado, UY (1384 mi / 2228 km NW)
SWAJ Santa Vitória do Palmar [Viatec Aviação Agrícola], Rio Grande do Sul, BR (1387 mi / 2233 km NW)
SJRG Río Grande [Regional de Río Grande], Rio Grande do Sul, BR (1403 mi / 2258 km NW)
SBRG RIG Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, BR (1403 mi / 2258 km NW)
SAZO NEC Necochea [Necochea Airport], Buenos Aires, AR (1404 mi / 2259 km W)
SSMT Mostardas, Rio Grande do Sul, BR (1410 mi / 2269 km NW)

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