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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 4544'31"N 12134'47"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
1OR9 Oregon City [Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US (56 mi / 90 km SW)
28WA Vancouver [Robert L Delanoy Airport], Washington, US (56 mi / 90 km W)
9OR6 Portland [Oregon Health Sciences University Emergency Heliport], Oregon, US (56 mi / 90 km W)
2OG3 Lake Oswego [Wiley's SPB], Oregon, US (56 mi / 90 km W)
W27 Woodland [Woodland State Airport], Washington, US (57 mi / 92 km W)
WN55 Randle [Randle-Kiona Airpark], Washington, US (57 mi / 92 km N)
OG30 Oregon City [Aeroacres Airport], Oregon, US (58 mi / 93 km SW)
OR46 Condon [Ajax Airport], Oregon, US (59 mi / 96 km SE)
92OR West Linn [Falcon Point Heliport], Oregon, US (60 mi / 96 km SW)
55S Packwood, Washington, US (60 mi / 96 km N)
53OR Beaverton [Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US (60 mi / 97 km W)
57OR West Linn [Wilson Helispot Heliport], Oregon, US (61 mi / 98 km SW)
4S9 Portland-Mulino [Mulino State Airport], Oregon, US (61 mi / 98 km SW)
OR37 Tigard [Lincoln Tower Heliport], Oregon, US (61 mi / 99 km W)
6OR5 Tualatin [Meridian Park Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US (62 mi / 99 km SW)
OR40 Canby [Dietz Airpark], Oregon, US (62 mi / 100 km SW)
KSPB SPB Scappoose [Scappoose Industrial Airpark], Oregon, US (62 mi / 100 km W)
8OR6 Scappoose [Grabhorn's Airport], Oregon, US (64 mi / 102 km W)
OG54 Shaniko [Shaniko Cattle Airport], Oregon, US (64 mi / 103 km SE)
OR41 Canby [Workman Airpark], Oregon, US (65 mi / 104 km SW)

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