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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 4519'21"N 9241'55"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KRPD RIE RPD Rice Lake [Rice Lake Regional - Carl's Field], Wisconsin, US (46 mi / 73 km E)
MN37 Wayzata [Wayzata Bay Landing SPB], Minnesota, US (47 mi / 75 km SW)
33MN Hinkley [Zenith Landing Airport], Minnesota, US (47 mi / 76 km N)
KSSQ SSQ Shell Lake [Muni], Wisconsin, US (47 mi / 76 km NE)
KPNM PNM Princeton [Muni], Minnesota, US (47 mi / 76 km W)
WS79 Shell Lake [Indianhead Medical Center Heliport], Wisconsin, US (47 mi / 76 km NE)
MN43 Mora [First Light Health System Heliport], Minnesota, US (48 mi / 77 km NW)
KJMR JMR Mora [Muni], Minnesota, US (48 mi / 78 km NW)
3WN6 Chetek [Knutson Farms Airport], Wisconsin, US (48 mi / 78 km E)
1MN1 Burnsville [Fairview Ridges Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US (49 mi / 78 km SW)
62WI Rice Lake [Lakeview Medical Center Heliport], Wisconsin, US (49 mi / 78 km E)
04W Hinckley [Field of Dreams Airport], Minnesota, US (49 mi / 79 km N)
11MN Orono [Point SPB], Minnesota, US (49 mi / 79 km SW)
WN25 Menomonie [Mayo Clinic Health System-Red Cedar Heliport], Wisconsin, US (49 mi / 79 km SE)
0MN9 Big Lake [Triple H Heliport], Minnesota, US (50 mi / 80 km W)
69MY Farmington [Hall Airport], Minnesota, US (50 mi / 80 km SW)
MN66 Loretto [Ingleside Airport], Minnesota, US (50 mi / 80 km W)
MN09 Burnsville [Crystal Lake SPB], Minnesota, US (50 mi / 80 km SW)
KLUM LUM Menomonie [Muni-Score Field], Wisconsin, US (50 mi / 81 km SE)
KFCM FCM FCM Minneapolis [Flying Cloud Airport], Minnesota, US (51 mi / 81 km SW)

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