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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 4519'21"N 9241'55"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WI25 Durand [Muni], Wisconsin, US (64 mi / 102 km SE)
MN63 Jordan [Stocker Airport (Private)], Minnesota, US (64 mi / 103 km SW)
3MN9 Oster [Schumacher Airport], Minnesota, US (65 mi / 104 km W)
23WN Springbrook [Willie's Airport], Wisconsin, US (66 mi / 106 km NE)
55WN Eau Claire [Pritchard Field], Wisconsin, US (66 mi / 106 km SE)
WI33 Minong [Ben Sutherland Airport], Wisconsin, US (66 mi / 107 km NE)
58MN Annandale [Iverson SPB], Minnesota, US (67 mi / 107 km W)
KEAU EAU EAU Eau Claire [Chippewa Valley Regional], Wisconsin, US (67 mi / 108 km SE)
5MN4 Clearwater [Seven Hills Airport], Minnesota, US (67 mi / 108 km W)
3WN8 Chippewa Falls [Blunt Field], Wisconsin, US (67 mi / 109 km SE)
53WI Eau Claire [Heyoka Field], Wisconsin, US (68 mi / 109 km SE)
MN85 Onamia [Swiderski Field], Minnesota, US (68 mi / 109 km NW)
9MN6 Jordan [Merill L Harris Field], Minnesota, US (68 mi / 109 km SW)
WS38 Eau Claire [Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire Heliport], Wisconsin, US (68 mi / 109 km SE)
KSTC STC STC St. Cloud [St. Cloud Regional], Minnesota, US (68 mi / 109 km W)
3WI9 Chippewa Falls [Rosenbaum Field], Wisconsin, US (68 mi / 109 km E)
3MN0 Annandale [Shadduck SPB], Minnesota, US (68 mi / 110 km W)
MY72 Isle [Isle Airport (Private)], Minnesota, US (69 mi / 110 km NW)
WN90 Bruce [Taylorport Airport], Wisconsin, US (69 mi / 110 km E)
25WI Eau Claire [Sacred Heart Hospital Heliport], Wisconsin, US (69 mi / 111 km SE)

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