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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 45°15'N 11°41'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LSXU Untervaz [Untervaz Heliport], Graubünden, CH (154 mi / 248 km NW)
LIRZ PEG Perugia [Perugia San Francesco d'Assisi (Umbria Intl, Sant'Egidio)], Umbria, IT (154 mi / 248 km S)
LOKG Ferlach [Ferlach-Glainach], Kärnten, AT (155 mi / 250 km NE)
LOIA Kitzbühel [Kitzbühel KH], Tirol, AT (156 mi / 251 km N)
ET31 Garmisch [Sheridan Barracks Landing Area], DE (157 mi / 253 km N)
LOKU Klagenfurt am Wörthersee [Klagenfurt UKH], Kärnten, AT (157 mi / 253 km NE)
LILM Casale Monferrato, IT (158 mi / 255 km W)
LOKA Klagenfurt am Wörthersee [Klinkum Klagenfurt LKH], Kärnten, AT (158 mi / 255 km NE)
LILI Vercelli, IT (159 mi / 256 km W)
LOWK KLU Klagenfurt [Kärnten Airport (Woerthersee Intl)], Kärnten, AT (160 mi / 257 km NE)
LOXK Klagenfurt [Kärnten Airport (Woerthersee Intl)], Kärnten, AT (Code changed to LOWK)
LOIE Reutte [Reutte KH], Tirol, AT (160 mi / 258 km N)
LOIR Reutte [Reutte-Höfen Airport], Tirol, AT (161 mi / 258 km N)
LOIT St. Johann in Tirol [St. Johann in Tirol KH], Tirol, AT (161 mi / 259 km N)
LOIJ St. Johann in Tirol [St. Johann Airport], Tirol, AT (161 mi / 259 km N)
LOIK Kufstein [Kufstein-Langkampfen], Tirol, AT (161 mi / 259 km N)
LSZE Bad Ragaz, Sankt Gallen, CH (161 mi / 260 km NW)
LOSM Mauterndorf [Mauterndorf Airport], Salzburg, AT (162 mi / 261 km NE)
LIQR Radicofani, IT (162 mi / 261 km S)
LSXA Tavanasa [Tavanasa Heliport], Graubünden, CH (163 mi / 262 km NW)

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