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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 4503'N 6504'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CDX4 Fancy Lake [Fancy Lake Water Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (58 mi / 93 km SE)
CCS5 Havelock [Havelock Airport], New Brunswick, CA (66 mi / 106 km N)
CCQ4 Amherst [Amherst Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (66 mi / 107 km NE)
CCB3 Amherst [Amherst Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (67 mi / 108 km NE)
CCY4 East Gore [East Gore Eco Airpark], Nova Scotia, CA (67 mi / 108 km E)
XKV Sackville [Railway Station], New Brunswick, CA (67 mi / 108 km NE)
CWAH Amherst (MARS), Nova Scotia, CA (68 mi / 109 km NE)
CDB5 Moncton [Sailsbury Heliport], New Brunswick, CA (69 mi / 111 km N)
CLQ2 Liverpool [Liverpool Queens General Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (72 mi / 116 km S)
CFR3 Fall River [Fall River Water Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (72 mi / 116 km E)
XDP Moncton [Railway Station], New Brunswick, CA (73 mi / 117 km N)
CLW3 Waverley [Lake William Water Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (74 mi / 120 km E)
CYQM YQM Moncton [Greater Moncton Intl], New Brunswick, CA (76 mi / 122 km N)
CWWE Western Head (MARS), Nova Scotia, CA (76 mi / 123 km S)
CYHZ YHZ Halifax [Robert L. Stanfield Intl], Nova Scotia, CA (77 mi / 124 km E)
CCG4 Moncton [McEwen], New Brunswick, CA (78 mi / 125 km N)
CHQE Halifax [Halifax QE II Health Sciences Centre Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (78 mi / 125 km E)
CIW2 Halifax [Halifax IWK Health Centre Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (78 mi / 126 km E)
(YWF) Halifax [Downtown Waterfront Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (79 mi / 127 km E)
XDG Halifax [Railway Station], Nova Scotia, CA (79 mi / 127 km E)

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