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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 44°00'N 113°00'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZBER ERL Erenhot (Erlian) [Erenhot Saiwusu Intl (Erenhot Shi)], Inner Mongolia, CN (60 mi / 97 km SW)
ZBXH XIL Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, CN (148 mi / 238 km E)
ZMSH Sainshand [Sainshand Airport], Dornogovi, MN (155 mi / 250 km NW)
ZMBU UUN Baruun-Urt [Baruun-Urt Airport], Sühbaatar, MN (184 mi / 297 km N)
ZBUC UCB Ulanqab (Wulanchabu) [Ulanqab Jining Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (198 mi / 319 km S)
ZBHH HET Hohhot [Baita Intl], Inner Mongolia, CN (225 mi / 363 km S)
ZBZJ ZQZ Zhangjiakou [Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport (Zhangjiakou AB)], Hubei, CN (246 mi / 396 km SE)
ZMUH UNR Öndörkhaan (Under Khan) [Öndörkhaan Airport], Hentiy, MN (256 mi / 412 km NW)
ZBDT DAT Datong, Shaanxi, CN (273 mi / 439 km S)
GC0017 Datong, Shaanxi, CN (274 mi / 441 km S)
ZBOW BAV Baotou [Baotou Erliban Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (283 mi / 455 km SW)
WZQ Urad Middle Banner [Urad Middle Banner Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (287 mi / 462 km SW)
ZMCD COQ Choibalsan [Choibalsan Airport], Dornod, MN (296 mi / 477 km N)
ZMKB Khanbogd [Khanbumbat Airport (Oyu Tolgoi Airport, Oyut Airport)], Ömnögovi, MN (315 mi / 506 km W)
ZBCF CIF Chifeng [Yulong Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (323 mi / 519 km E)
ZBCD CDE Chengde [Puning Airport], Hebei, CN (326 mi / 525 km SE)
ZBAA PEK Beijing (Peking) [Beijing Capital Airport], Beijing, CN (328 mi / 528 km SE)
ZBHZ HUO Huolinguole (Holingol) [Holingol Huolinhe Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (331 mi / 533 km E)
BJS Beijing (Peking) [Metro Area], Beijing, CN (332 mi / 535 km SE)
GC0034 Beijing [Tiananmen Square], Beijing, CN (332 mi / 535 km SE)

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