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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 44°37'51"N 63°34'52"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
39ME Ellsworth [Maine Coast Memorial Heliport], Maine, US (239 mi / 384 km W)
0ME4 Otis [Peasley Field], Maine, US (241 mi / 388 km W)
CCH2 Upper Kent [Upper Kent Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA (242 mi / 389 km NW)
ME5 Swans Island [Banks Airport], Maine, US (242 mi / 390 km W)
CWEF St. Paul Island (MAPS), Nova Scotia, CA (245 mi / 394 km NE)
ME40 Mars Hill, Maine, US (246 mi / 396 km NW)
10ME Lincoln [PVH Heliport], Maine, US (247 mi / 397 km W)
XEL New Carlisle [Railway Station], Québec, CA (248 mi / 399 km N)
ME15 Blue Hill [Blue Hill Memorial Hospital Heliport], Maine, US (248 mi / 399 km W)
KLRG LRG Lincoln [Lincoln Regional], Maine, US (248 mi / 399 km W)
72ME Ellsworth [Philbrick Mountain Airport], Maine, US (249 mi / 401 km W)
KOLD OLD OLD Old Town [Dewitt Field, Old Town Muni], Maine, US (251 mi / 405 km W)
92ME Passadumkeag [Buzzport Airport], Maine, US (251 mi / 405 km W)
99ME Isle Au Haut [Isle Au Haut Heliport], Maine, US (253 mi / 407 km W)
ME00 Fort Fairfield, Maine, US (254 mi / 408 km NW)
CYVB YVB Bonaventure [Bonaventure Airport], Québec, CA (254 mi / 409 km N)
93B Stonington [Muni], Maine, US (254 mi / 409 km W)
ME02 Bangor [Eastern Maine Medical Center Heliport], Maine, US (255 mi / 410 km W)
0B2 Brewer, Maine, US (256 mi / 411 km W)
16ME Presque Isle [Presque Isle Heliport], Maine, US (256 mi / 413 km NW)

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