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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 44°37'51"N 63°34'52"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CYGR YGR Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Magdalen Islands, House Harbour) [Îles-de-la-Madeleine Airport], Québec, CA (212 mi / 340 km NE)
CDJ4 Clearwater [Clearwater Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA (213 mi / 343 km NW)
84ME Forest Township [Cowboys Air Ranch Airport], Maine, US (213 mi / 343 km W)
CCM3 Sevogle, New Brunswick, CA (215 mi / 347 km NW)
CDK4 Renous, New Brunswick, CA (216 mi / 347 km NW)
43B Deblois [Deblois Flight Strip], Maine, US (217 mi / 350 km W)
CCE3 Juniper [Juniper Airport], New Brunswick, CA (219 mi / 353 km NW)
CCD3 Woodstock, New Brunswick, CA (220 mi / 354 km NW)
CDA4 Pokemouche [Pokemouche Airport], New Brunswick, CA (222 mi / 357 km N)
22ME Bar Harbor [Bar Harbor Heliport], Maine, US (229 mi / 369 km W)
KHUL HUL HUL Houlton [Intl], Maine, US (229 mi / 369 km NW)
ME07 Bar Harbor [Acadian SPB], Maine, US (230 mi / 370 km W)
ACAD Acadia National Park [Acadia NP], Maine, US (230 mi / 370 km W)
CDA6 Bristol, New Brunswick, CA (231 mi / 372 km NW)
CZBF ZBF Bathurst [Bathurst Airport], New Brunswick, CA (232 mi / 373 km NW)
79ME Houlton [Houlton Regional Hospital Heliport], Maine, US (232 mi / 373 km NW)
CCR3 Florenceville, New Brunswick, CA (232 mi / 374 km NW)
ME77 Cranberry Isles [Cranberry Isles Heliport], Maine, US (233 mi / 375 km W)
KBHB BHB BHB Bar Harbor [Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport], Maine, US (236 mi / 380 km W)
CWMI Miscou Island (MARS), New Brunswick, CA (238 mi / 383 km N)

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