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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 4437'51"N 6334'52"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CWRW Fourchu Head (MAPS), Nova Scotia, CA (180 mi / 289 km NE)
CDU6 Doaktown [Doaktown Airport], New Brunswick, CA (180 mi / 290 km NW)
ME2 Cutler [Cutler Regional], Maine, US (182 mi / 292 km W)
CCX3 Brockway [Brockway Airport], New Brunswick, CA (184 mi / 296 km W)
CWSS St. Stephen (MARS), New Brunswick, CA (184 mi / 297 km W)
CCS3 St. Stephen [St. Stephen Airport], New Brunswick, CA (184 mi / 297 km W)
46ME Calais [Calais Regional Heliport], Maine, US (185 mi / 297 km W)
ME06 Charlotte [Flying Ed Airport], Maine, US (185 mi / 298 km W)
YSA CSB2 Sable Island [Sable Island Aerodrome], Nova Scotia, CA (186 mi / 299 km E)
CCG3 Weyman [Weyman Airpark], New Brunswick, CA (187 mi / 301 km NW)
CYCH YCH Miramichi [Miramichi Airport], New Brunswick, CA (187 mi / 302 km NW)
66B Meddybemps [Gillespie Field], Maine, US (188 mi / 303 km W)
XEY Miramichi [Railway Station], New Brunswick, CA (190 mi / 306 km NW)
ME52 Machias [Down East Community Hospital Heliport], Maine, US (192 mi / 309 km W)
KMVM MVM Machias [Machias Valley Airport], Maine, US (192 mi / 309 km W)
CCF9 Fredericton [Scottsfield Aerodrome], New Brunswick, CA (194 mi / 313 km NW)
CSY9 Sydney [Sydney Cape Breton Regional Hospital Heliport], Nova Scotia, CA (195 mi / 313 km NE)
05ME Jonesboro [Drisko Airport], Maine, US (196 mi / 316 km W)
KPNN PNN PNN Princeton [Muni], Maine, US (199 mi / 321 km W)
CYQY YQY Sydney [J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport], Nova Scotia, CA (202 mi / 325 km NE)

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