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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 4421'33"N 9813'05"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2VA Larchwood [Zangger Vintage Airpark], Iowa, US (110 mi / 177 km SE)
MN90 Luverne [Sanford Hospital Luverne Heliport], Minnesota, US (111 mi / 178 km SE)
SD97 Vivian [Oller Airport], South Dakota, US (112 mi / 180 km W)
NE89 O'Neill [Bar Lazy B Airport], Nebraska, US (112 mi / 180 km S)
KLYV LYV Luverne [Quentin Aanenson Field], Minnesota, US (112 mi / 180 km SE)
ND90 Cogswell (Brampton) [Dahl Airport (Private)], North Dakota, US (113 mi / 183 km N)
0SD1 Wakonda [Lodi Airport], South Dakota, US (114 mi / 184 km SE)
4E7 Ellendale [Muni], North Dakota, US (115 mi / 186 km N)
SD29 Beresford [Glenwood Field], South Dakota, US (115 mi / 186 km SE)
95NE Verdigre [Lightner Ranch Airport], Nebraska, US (117 mi / 188 km S)
SD14 Draper [Valburg Ranch Airport], South Dakota, US (117 mi / 188 km W)
9SD7 Selby [Beaman Airport], South Dakota, US (118 mi / 190 km NW)
KMML MML MML Marshall [Southwest Minnesota Regional Marshall/Ryan Field], Minnesota, US (119 mi / 191 km E)
4MN5 Graceville [Kapaun-Wilson Field], Minnesota, US (119 mi / 192 km NE)
KRRQ RRQ Rock Rapids [Muni], Iowa, US (119 mi / 192 km SE)
5IA8 Rock Rapids [Sanford Rock Rapids Medical Center Heliport], Iowa, US (121 mi / 194 km SE)
17MN Marshall [Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center Heliport], Minnesota, US (121 mi / 195 km E)
3W8 Eureka [Muni], South Dakota, US (121 mi / 195 km NW)
SD53 Beresford [Howard Field], South Dakota, US (123 mi / 197 km SE)
3MN3 Appleton [Muni Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US (123 mi / 198 km NE)

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