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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 4401'12"N 4301'48"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
URME Essentuki, Stavropol'skiy, RU (10 mi / 17 km W)
URMM MRV Mineralnyye Vody [Mineralnyye Vody Airport], Stavropol'skiy, RU (15 mi / 23 km N)
MP01 Aleksandrijskaya [Aleksandrijskaya Airport], RU (19 mi / 31 km NE)
URMK Kislovodsk (Krasnyy Kurgan), Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya, RU (21 mi / 33 km W)
MP02 Nezlobnaya [Nezlobnaya Heliport], Krasnodarskiy, RU (21 mi / 33 km E)
UR02 Kishpek [Kishpek Airport], RU (39 mi / 62 km SE)
URMN NAL Nalchik [Nalchik Airport], Kabardino-Balkarskaya, RU (46 mi / 75 km SE)
GC0043 Mestia [Mestia Airport], Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, GE (67 mi / 108 km S)
UGMS Mestia [Queen Tamar Airport], Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, GE (68 mi / 110 km S)
URMT STW Stavropol [Shpakovskoye Airport], Stavropol'skiy, RU (88 mi / 141 km NW)
URMO OGZ Vladikavkaz [Beslan Airport], Severnaya Osetiya-Alaniya, RU (97 mi / 156 km SE)
URMS IGT Sleptsovskaya (Magas, Nazran) [Magas Airport (Magas Oskanov Airport, Sleptsovskaya Airport)], Ingushetiya, RU (110 mi / 178 km SE)
GC0083 Pskhu [Pskhu Airport], Abkhazia, GE (119 mi / 192 km W)
UG26 Kutaisi West, GE (124 mi / 200 km S)
UGSS SUI UG29 Sukhumi [Sukhumi Babushara Airport (Sukhumi Dranda Airport)], Abkhazia, GE (125 mi / 201 km SW)
UGKO KUT Kutaisi [King David the Builder Kutaisi Intl (Kopitnari Airport)], Imereti, GE (130 mi / 210 km S)
SS67 Psekhako [Psekhako Heliport], Krasnodarskiy, RU (137 mi / 221 km W)
UG23 Gudauta [Gudauta AB], Abkhazia, GE (138 mi / 223 km SW)
SS10 Laura [Laura Heliport], Krasnodarskiy, RU (140 mi / 225 km W)
URMG GRV Grozny [Severny Airport], Chechenskaya (Chechnya), RU (141 mi / 226 km E)

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